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Program Requirements

In addition to the regular requirements of the Ph.D. Program in Biology, all EEB students shall meet the following requirements.

Course Requirements for the EEB Subprogram (revised Fall 2016)

In their first year, students are required to take one course from each of the following two areas. Substitution of any other course requires advanced permission of the EEB Advisory Committee Chair or the Chair’s designee.

Ecology (3 credits each)
BIOL 76005 Population Ecology
BIOL 76001 Ecology
BIOL 76003 Community Ecology

Evolution (3 credits each)
BIOL 70901 Population Genetics
BIOL 70503 Evolution
BIOL 70803 Molecular Evolution

In addition, first-year students must take one of the two indicated options for lecture and lab courses in Statistics:

Statistics (lecture and lab; 6 credits)
BIOL 78201 - (lecture and lab) - 6 credits
Biol 78001 Mathematical Biology I (lecture, 3 credits)
Biol 78002 Mathematical Biology II (lab, 3 credits)

All students must take at least one additional graduate seminar course in year 1 or year 2 in the Program (For example: Seminar in Evolution BIOL 79001, Seminar in Ecology BIOL 79006, Seminar in Biomathematics BIOL 79008, Seminar in Systematics BIOL 79011, Seminar in Zoogeography BIOL 79012, Seminar in Animal Behavior BIOL 79022). These seminar courses are offered periodically by different campuses and will focus on critical evaluation of papers in the various areas.

Finally, any student who has not taken a basic genetics course in the past 5 years will be required to take an undergraduate genetics course at one of the campuses.

Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the EEB Advisory Committee.