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Program Requirements

Please Note:

THE PROGRAM OF STUDY FOR CUNY NEUROSCIENCE COLLABORATIVE STUDENTS (students admitted through the NS subprogram of Biology or the BCN training area in Psychology) can now be found at the CUNY Neuroscience Collaborative website.

For NS students admitted Fall 2012 and earlier:

In addition to the regular requirements of the Ph.D. Program in Biology, NS students must take the following courses in order to be prepared for the First Examination in Neuroscience by the end of the second semester. Additional courses, as indicated for semesters three and four, will fulfill additional credit requirements and prepare students for the Second Examination.

First semester
Animal Behavior I
Neuroscience I
Lab Rotation

Second semester
Neuroscience II
Lab Rotation

Third semester
Advanced courses
Molecular Biology or Neuroanatomy

Fourth semester
Advanced courses
Independent Doctoral Research