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Hiroshi Matsui
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Phone: 212-896-0558
Room Number: 1319N (north building)
Degrees/Diplomas: M.S. Stanford University, Ph.D., Purdue University; Postdoc, Columbia University
Research Interests: Biomaterials and Nanochemistry
Research Interests
Current interests of Matsui’s group are in the areas of 1) Nanoparticle-based drug delviery and medical imaging 2) Exosome engineering 3) T-cell-exosome-based immunotherapy 4) RNA delivery for gene therapy/editing 5) ultra-sound-based nanoparticle medical treatment

Publications (out of 105)

1.     “Identification of novel nanovesicles and distinct exosome subsets via asymmetric-flow field flow study”, Zhang, H., Freitas, D., Kim, H.S., Fabijanic, K., Li, Z., Chen, H., Mark, M.T., Molina, H., Martin, A.B., Bojmar, L., Fang, J., Rampersaud, S., Hoshino, A., Matei, I., Kenific, C.M., Nakajima, M., Mutvei, A.P., Sansone, P., Buehring, W., Wang, H., Jimenez, J.P., Cohen-Gould, L., Paknejad, N., Brendel, M., Manova-Todorova, K., Magalhães, A., Ferreira, J.A., Osório, H., Silva, A.M., Massey, A., Cubillos-Ruiz, J.R., GallettI, G., Giannakakou, P., Cuervo, A.M., Blenis, J., Schwartz, R., Brady, M.S., Peinado, H., Bromberg, J., Matsui, H., Reis, C.A., & Lyden, D. Nature Cell Biol., 20, 332-343, (2018).
2.     “The effect of cage shape on nanoparticle-based drug carriers: Anti-cancer drug release and efficacy via receptor blockade using dextran-coated iron oxide nanocages”, S. Rampersaud, J. Fang, Z. Wei, K.I. Fabijanic, S. Silver, T. Jaikaran, Y. Ruiz, M. Houssou, Z. Yin, S.P. Zheng, S. Mahajan,  A. Hashimoto, A. Hoshino, D. Lyden, H. Matsui, Nano Lett., 16, 7357–7363 (2016).

3. “Rational strategy for shaped nanomaterial synthesis in reverse micelle reactors”, Z. Wei, H. Matsui, Nature Commun., 5, 3870 (2014). 

4.  “Impedimetric Detection of Mutant p53 Biomarker-Driven Metastatic Breast Cancers under Hyposmotic Pressure”, M. Shi, N. Shtraizent, A. Polotskaia, J. Bargonetti, H. Matsui, PloSOne, 9(6): e99351., DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099351 (2014).

5.     “Autonomous motors of a metal–organic framework powered by reorganization of self-assembled peptides at interfaces”, Y. Ikezoe, G. Washino, T. Uemura, S. Kitagawa, H. Matsui, Nature Mater.11,1081-1085 (2012).

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