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College of Staten Island


College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island is located on a new 204-acre campus in a suburban borough of New York City. The College of Staten Island is accessible from other parts of the city by public transportation and from New Jersey via several bridges. Staten Island's proximity to the cultural, recreational, financial, and transportation centers of New York City as well as a certain remoteness from big city problems combine to make it an ideal setting for a growing educational institution.

The College of Staten Island's main thrust within the doctoral program is polymer chemistry. The polymer chemistry doctoral specialization, developed in response to the need for scientists with graduate training in the polymer field, is interdisciplinary in nature -- cutting across the traditional boundaries of chemistry as well as into areas of physics, engineering, and biology. The polymer chemistry student obtains a broad background in chemistry along with a multidisciplinary approach to polymer science. Course work in polymer chemistry is designed to give the student a background in the controlled synthesis of polymers, the chemical and physical characterization of synthetic and naturally-occurring polymers and their utilization.

The College of Staten Island moved to a newly-constructed 204-acre campus in 1993. The facilities include air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories and most of the latest instrumentation for polymer and chemical research. Our NMR facilities include Varian INOVA Unity 200 MHz and Unityplus 300 MHz instruments for solid-state and multi-nuclear solution experiments and a Varian Unity 600 MHz instrument for advanced solution NMR of natural and synthetic polymers. Other instruments available for research are Bruker EPR 380E electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, Waters 150C high temperature gel permeation chromatograph with viscometric and light scattering detectors, Jupiter membrane and vapor pressure osmometers, Dupont 2100 thermal analyzer with differential scanning calorimeter and thermogravimetic analyzer, Nicolet Magma 550 infrared spectrometer, Varian Cary 1E ultraviolet-visible spectrometer, Parr high pressure reactor system, Labconco controlled-atmosphere glove boxes, Jasco DIP-370 digital polarimeter, Hewlett-Packard 5890-II gas chromatograph, Hewlett-Packard 3D capillary electrophoresis, Applied Biosystems 433A peptide synthesizer, Brookhaven laser light scattering photometer, Hewlett-Packard 1050M and 1090 high pressure liquid chromatographs, microscopy instruments (atomic force, scanning electron, transmission electron, fluorescence), and Silicon Graphics Octane molecular modelling system.

The computer facilities include individual personal computers in all offices and laboratories as well as an extensive SUN and SGI computer network for the NMR facility. The departmental computers are connected through a gigabit ethernet based network to the college and university computer systems.

For more information, see the College of Staten Island Department of Chemistry website. A list of Chemistry doctoral faculty at the College of Staten Island is available here.