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About Our Program

The Graduate Center’s Program in Classics offers Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Greek and Roman classics, with rigorous training in Latin and ancient Greek. Students achieve mastery of the languages, literatures, and civilization of the Greco-Roman world and conduct original research which they present at conferences all over the world. In 2016-17, nine of our twenty-two PhD students delivered 14 papers at professional conferences such as The Association of Ancient Historians, The International Society for the History of Rhetoric, the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, and the Classical Association of the Mid-West and South, and universities such as Oxford, the University of London, and Columbia. This past year recent graduates were placed in full-time teaching positions at Valparaiso University, the New College of Florida, Queens College, Sarah Lawrence College and received multi-year appointments as post-docs at NYU and the University of Warsaw.

The M.A. Program

The MA in Classics is a 2-year degree designed for students who wish to explore the ancient Greco-Roman world from various perspectives including post-graduates preparing to apply for PhD programs in classics, ancient history or archaeology, Latin teachers or prospective Latin teachers, and those who wish to continue studying the classical past for its own sake. Both full and part-time students are welcome. 
Course offerings cover a variety of subjects in Greek and Latin literature, ancient history, and philosophy ranging from masters level surveys and composition courses to research seminars at the Ph.D. level. Through a consortium with Fordham and New York Universities we offer students 7-9 graduate courses each semester, and students may choose to specialize in Classical Philology or Ancient History. Students may register for courses offered in the field at any of the participating institutions and have access to all their libraries.
We also sponsor a series of guest lectures, student-faculty roundtables and other special events throughout the year.
Courses of related interest are also available through the Graduate Center's Ph.D. Programs in Philosophy, Comparative Literature and History, and the Certificate Programs in Medieval Studies and Renaissance Studies.

Ph.D./M.A. Programs in Classics from GC Videography Fellows on Vimeo.

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