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Allen, Joel
Roman Empire
Ancona, Ronnie
Latin literature, especially poetry; Catullus; Horace; Latin pedagogy; women in antiquity.
Clayman, Dee L.
Greek poetry, Hellenistic literature and philosophy
Kellogg, Danielle L.
Greek History, Greek Epigraphy
Koehl , Robert
Greek archaeology and ceramics
Kousser, Rachel
Greek and Roman archaeology; Greek sculpture, Roman reception of Greek art; ancient iconoclasm
Kowerski, Lawrence
Greek poetry
Petrain, David
Latin Poetry, Hellenistic Greek Literature, Roman Visual Culture
Roberts, Jennifer T.
Greek History
Schur, David
Greek poetry and literature
Simpson, Peter
Classical philosophy
Thibodeau, Philip
Augustan poetry; ancient science and technology
Van Sickle, John
Latin poetry, epic-bucolic tradition to Derek Walcott
Yarrow, Liv Mariah
Roman history and numismatics

Emeritus Faculty

Kim, Jinyo
Greek poetry, Homer
Lidov , Joel B.
Early Greek literature, metrics
Pomeroy, Sarah B.
Women and the Family in Classical Antiquity, Social History, and Papyrology
Stern, Jacob
Greek Poetry, Mythography, Religion