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André Aciman
Marcel Proust; The Literature of Seventeenth-Century France; Madame de LaFayette; The Psychological Novel and the roman d'analyse; Memoirs and Memory in the Twentieth Century
Ali Jimale Ahmed
African Literature, Islamic Literature, Poetry and Oral Tradition
Anna Akasoy
Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Liberal Studies, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, History
Ammiel Alcalay
Poetics, theory, and comparative literary history; culture and politics; contemporary and medieval Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Literature and culture; 20th c. American writing and culture
John Brenkman
Literary Theory and Criticism
Monica Calabritto
The relationship between literature and medicine from Antiquity to the twentieth century; Renaissance and early modern comparative literature (Italian/English/French); emblem studies; Renaissance Italian epic; medicine and law in early modern Italy.
Jerry W. Carlson
Narrative theory; film history & theory; literature & film; comparative arts of the Americas; globalization & narrative form.
Marvin Carlson
European Theatre 16th Century to Present. Romantic Drama/Scandinavian Drama.
Clare Carroll
Renaissance English, French, Irish, Italian, and Neo-Latin literature, Ariosto, history of the book, early modern Irish history, postcolonialism
Morena Corradi
19th and 20th century Italian literature and printed media; fantastic and gothic literature; nation building; narrative theory
Vincent Crapanzano
Literary and linguistic theory, hermeneutics, anthropology and literature, existentialism and phenomenology, life-historical texts, anthropology and poetics of the imagination, and the philosophical recit.
Martin Elsky
Early Modern Literature, print culture, and material culture; Cultural Geography of the Renaissance; Renaissance Humanism and Early Modern Language Theory; History of Philology
Paolo Fasoli
16th and 17th Italian Literature
Wayne Koestenbaum
Poetry and poetics; modern and contemporary literature; music; film; visual art; queer studies; cultural studies; performance; the essay; autobiography.
Bettina Lerner
Nineteenth-century French literature, prose fiction, popular culture and development of the press, Carribean literature (including hispanophone and anglophone) and postcolonial theory.
Giancarlo Lombardi
19th and 20th century Italian, French, English, and American Literature; Italian Film and Cultural Studies; Film Theory; Literary Theory; Gender Studies
Nancy K. Miller
Contemporary autobiography and autobiography theory; women's writing (American and French); 20th-century cultural history, after 1945; feminist theory.
Gerry Milligan
Renaissance Italian literature, Gender Theory, Masculinity Studies, Performance Studies, Early Modern Theatre, Conduct Manuals
Paul Oppenheimer
History of the lyric (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish), German and Italian folk literature, Baroque art, literature, music (including modern variations), Studies of evil in literature, film, psychology, The Faust legend, Machiavelli.
Eugenia Paulicelli
Italian Literature, Culture and Film, Critical Theory, Fashion History and Theory, Gender and Women's Studies
Sonali Perera
Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Marxist Theory, Working-Class Literature, Globalization Studies, Feminist Theory, World Literature, International Law, and Colonial Discourse Studies
Nadya Peterson
Russian culture, history, and Russian education. Prof. Peterson teaches advanced language courses, courses on translation, women's literature, nineteenth and twentieth century Russian literature, as well as courses on Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov and Dostoevsky both in Russian and in English.
Joan Richardson
English, 20th-Century Poetry, Literature of Science
Caroline Rupprecht
Literature & Architecture, Asian-German Studies, German Jewish Studies
Charity Scribner
Literature from the nineteenth century to the present (British, French, German, and Polish). Critical theory and cultural studies​. Contemporary art. Feminism.
Paul Julian Smith
Modern Spain and Mexico, especially media studies: film and television.
Paola Ureni
Dante, Medieval Philosophy, Medieval Medicine and Italian Literature.
Joshua Wilner
British and European Romanticism; critical theory; comparative poetry and poetics; autobiography; literature and psychoanalysis; gender studies; literature and philosophy
Richard Wolin
Frankfurt School; Counter-Enlightenment thought; twentieth century French intellectual life; Heidegger and the German ideology

Emeritus/ Emerita Faculty:

Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour
The interaction of French and Russian Literature. Bilingual Writers

Charles Rowan Beye
Classics, Epic/Modern Poetry

Mary Ann Caws
Art and Text, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Modern French Literature, Surrealism, Translation, English Modernism, especially Bloomsbury, American Southern, Women's Writing and Memoirs, Film Studies

William E. Coleman
Medieval, Textual Scholarship, 14th Century Italian and English Literature

Tamara Evans
19th and Early 20th Century Literature, German Cinema, German/Jewish Literary Relations

Lillian Feder
Myth, Classics

Angus Fletcher
Renaissance, Theory

Hermann Haller
Italian, Romance Linguistics

David Kleinbard
German, French, and English 20th-Century Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Literature and Psychoanalysis

Samuel R. Levin
Poetics, Language and Style

Burton Pike
German, Fiction, Translation

Susan Spectorsky
Arabic studies, Arabic influence in Spain and Italy

Jacob Stern
Ancient Greek Epic, Lyric, Tragedy, Hellenistic Poetry, Greek Literature, Religion and Myth.