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Eugenia Paulicelli
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|Queens College
Room Number: 4116.11
Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests: Italian Literature, Culture and Film, Critical Theory, Fashion History and Theory, Gender and Women's Studies

Eugenia Paulicelli is Professor of Italian, Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies at Queens College and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.  She is the founder and the coordinator of the Concentration in Fashion Studies in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS). She has received several grants and awards supporting her interdisciplinary research in word and image, fashion theory and history, fashion, literature, cinema and media, the history of women and gender, globalization and sustainability, “made in Italy” and cultural translation.
She has also curated exhibitions on Fashion + Film: the 1960s revisited, The James Gallery at the Graduate Center (Spring 2010); The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, Globalization at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College (Spring 2006) and The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making, at The Art Center, Queens College (Fall 2017). She is the founder of The Fabric of Cultures Project, a research and pedagogic project exploring craft, design, technology, sustainability and social responsibility: (
She is the founder of IC-CUNY (Italian Cinema CUNY), Fall 2017 and second edition Fall 2019, film festival and educational project aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the art of Italian cinema from its origins to the present day.
·        Moda e Cinema in Italia. Dal Muto ai nostri giorni, Milan: Pearson Mondadori, 2019, forthcoming.
·        Italian Style. Fashion & Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age. Bloomsbury Academic: London & New York, 2016 and paperback edition, 2017.
·        Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy. From Sprezzatura to Satire.  Ashgate: Aldershot, 2014; paperback edition, Routledge, 2016.
·        Moda e Letteratura nell’ Italia della prima modernit√†. Dalla Sprezzatura alla Satira, Trad. di Samantha Maruzzella, Meltemi Press: Milan, 2019: (
·        Rosa Genoni: La moda √® una cosa seria. Milano Expo 1906 e la Grande Guerra (Fashion is a Serious Business: The Milan World Fair of 1906 and the Great War), in English and Italian, Preface by John Davis; Afterword by Eleonora Fiorani, Milan: Deleyva Edizioni, 2015 and 2017.
·        Film, Fashion, and the 1960s, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017; co-editor with Louise Wallenberg); co-author of introduction and author one of the chapters.
·        1960: Un anno in Italia. Costume, Cinema, Cultura, co-author with Antonio Maraldi, Societ√† Editrice Il Ponte Vecchio: Cesena, 2010 (Italian and English)
·        The Fabric of Cultures. Fashion, Identity, Globalization. Co-editor with Hazel Clark, Routledge: London & New York, 2008 (introduction & author of one of the chapters)
·        Moda e Moderno. Dal Medioevo al Rinascimento. Meltemi: Rome, 2006 (Editor and author of one of the chapters)
·        Fashion under Fascism. Beyond the Black Shirt.  Berg: Oxford & New York, 2004
·        Parola e immagine.  Sentieri della scrittura in Leonardo, Marino, Foscolo, Calvino. Edizioni Cadmo: Florence, 1996, Preface by Lina Bolzoni
JOURNALS (Editor and Co-editor)
·        Guest Editor for Journal of Modern Italian Studies, special issue dedicated to Italian Fashion: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, January 2015.
·        Guest editor with Elizabeth Wissinger of the special issue dedicated to Fashion of Women Studies Quarterly (WSQ), Spring 2013, The CUNY Feminist Press.

·        The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making: Eugenia Paulicelli Interview Video by Massimo Mascolo and Claudio Napoli

·        Dress In Motion - The Tanagra Dress Reframed video by Massimo Mascolo and Claudio Napoli
·        The Fabric of Cultures. Systems in the Making (ed. and author of introduction and four essays), Queens College Art Center, 2017, (
Selected Articles and Book Chapters in peer-reviewed publications:
·        “Reframing History: Federico Fellini’s Rome, fashion and costume” in Film, Fashion & Consumption, Vol 8, n. 1, 2019, pp. 71-88.
·         “Venice: City of Fashion and Power in Giacomo Franco’s Habiti d’huomini et donne venetiane (ca.1650)” in Visual Typologies from the Early Modern to the Contemporary: Local Contexts and Global Practices, eds. Tara Zanardi and Lynda C. Klick, Routledge Research in Art History: 2018, 77-89.
·        “Draping the Feminist Revolution” in Vestoj:
·        “Moda e Vestire,” in Emanuela Scarpellini and Stefano Cavazza, eds. Einaudi, Annale dei Consumi in Italia dall’800 ad oggi, 2018, 176-200.
·        “Fashion: The Cultural Economy of the made in Italy” in Fashion Practice, special issue dedicated to Italian Fashion, Fall 2014, 6:2 (155-174).
·        “Waiting, Suspense and the Neutral in Rossellini and Antonioni,” in Susan Petrilli, ed., Writing, Voice, Undertaking, Legas: Toronto, 2013, pp. 193-197.
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·        “Fashion, Cultural Anxiety & Modernity in the Italian Baroque,” in Romance Notes, O. Estrada ed., Special Issue on “The Survival of Literature in the Age of Globalization” to mark 50th anniversary of the journal, 50: 1 (2010): 35-46
·        “Fashion & Futurism: Performing Dress,” in Annali d’Italianistica 27 (2009): 187-207, Federico Luisetti & Luca Somigli eds., Special Issue dedicated to Futurism
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·        “Mapping the World: The Political Geography of Dress in Cesare Vecellio’s Costume Books,” in The Italianist 28 (2008):  24-53; & in Global History of Fashion. A Reader, Giorgio Riello & Peter McNeill, ed., London & New York: Routledge , 2010
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·        “Framing the Self, Staging Identity: Clothing & Style in the Films of Michelangelo Antonioni (1950-1964),” in Paulicelli & Clark, ed., The Fabric of Cultures, pp. 53-72      
·        “Fashion, Rigor & Frivolity,” p.132; “The Politics of Style,” p. 239; “Inventing the National Brand,” p. 278; “The Nationalization of the Language,” p. 282; “Great Parade of Female Forces.” p. 372, in Mario Lupano & Alessandra Vaccari, ed., Fashion at the time of Fascism. Italian Modernist Lifestyle 1922-1943. Bologna: Damiani, 2009; Italian edition of the volume Una Giornata moderna. Moda e Stili nell’Italia fascista. Bologna: Damiani, 2009
·        “Notes from NYC: Fashion Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York,” in bilingual journal Zone/Moda (2009): 189-198
·        “Fashion, Identity, Globalization” & Introduction in Winter, A., The Fabric of Cultures Catalogue of the Exhibition at The Godwin–Ternbach Museum, Queens College (2008)
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·        “The Rhetoric & Politics of Appearance in the Italian Cinquecento,” in Jane Tylus, Paul Ferrara, & Eugenio Giusti, ed., Medusa’s Gaze: Essays on Gender, Literature, & Aesthetics in the Italian Renaissance. In Honor of Robert Rodini. West Lafayette, IN:  Bordighera Press, 2004, pp. 127-143
·        “Fashion Writing under the Fascist Regime:  An Italian Dictionary & Commentary of Fashion by Cesare Meano & Short Stories by Gianna Manzini & Alba de Cespedes,” Fashion Theory:   Journal of Dress, Body & Culture 8:1 (Winter 2004): 1-32 & Russian translation in Fashion Theory, Russian edition, June 2009
·        “Politica e ideologia: Usi del discorso di moda nell’Italia degli anni trenta,” in Athanor: Semiotica, Filosofia, Arte, Letteratura 14:7 (2003-04): 347-354  
·        “Fashion, the Politics of Style & National Identity in Pre-Fascist & Fascist Italy,” in Gender & History 14:2 (2002):  537-559, republished in Barbara Burman & Carole Turbin, ed., Material Strategies:  Dress & Gender in Historical Perspectives. Oxford:  Blackwell, 2003, pp. 167-189
Journalistic activities:
Courses Taught
·        Italian Fascism
·        Law and Fashion
·        Fashion, Language, Nation in post-unified Italy
·        Italian Modernities: Film, Fashion, Nation
·         New York, Fashion Capital
·        Film, Fashion and Costume Design
·        The Worth of Women: Writing & Gender in Italy
·        Clothing Cultures in Early Modern Italy & England
·        Fashion & Cinema. Technologies of Gender, Space & Affect
·        Writing Lives/Framing Life
·        Narratives of Waiting: Traveling, Displacement, Affect
·        Fashion, Power & Space
·        The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, Globalization
·        Codes & Code Breaking in Italian Renaissance Culture
·        Fashioning the Self in Social & Cultural Spaces
·        Technologies of the Self: Sexuality & Gender 
·        Inventing Italy:  Narratives of Nationhood, Identity, Otherness
·        Fashion Narratives.  Gender, Hegemony & Identity
·        Other Voices:  History & Ethics in Italian Literature
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