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Giancarlo Lombardi
Position: Executive Officer
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island|Graduate Center
Phone: 212 817-8176
Room Number: 4114.03
Office Hours: Spring 2016/Tuesday-Thursday by appt.
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Cornell University. Romance Studies; M.A. Cornell University. Romance Studies
Research Interests: 19th and 20th century Italian, French, English, and American Literature; Italian Film and Cultural Studies; Film Theory; Literary Theory; Gender Studies


Italian and French Film

Modern and Contemporary Italian, French, and English Literature

Feminist and Gender Studies

The diary novel

Italian Cultural Studies

Television Studies

Literary Theory (particular emphasis on Deconstruction)

Film Theory

Graduate Courses:

Risorgimento and Unification in Italian Cinema and Literature

Antonioni and FelliniL The Challenge of (Post)Modernist Cinema

The Golden Age of Italian Cinema, 1945-1980

Postmodernism: Italy and Beyond

Theory and Practice of Literary Criticism

Refiguring Decadence: European Fin-de-siecle Culture

Recent Publications:


Terrorism, Italian Style: The Representation of Terrorism and Political Violence in Contemporary Italian Cinema. Co-edited with Alan O’ Leary and Ruth S. Glynn. London: IGRS Press, 2012. (forthcoming)

Remembering Aldo Moro: The Cultural Legacy of the 1978 Kidnapping and Murde. Co-edited with Ruth S. Glynn Oxford: Legenda, 2012

Rooms with a View: Feminist Diary Fiction, 1952-1994. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2002.


"Tutti pazzi per amore: Gen X, Italian Style” in Generation X Goes Global: Tales of Accelerated Culture. Edited by Christine Henseler. London: Routledge, 2012. (forthcoming)

"Screening Terrorism: Cinematic Portrayals of the Italian Armed Struggle” in The Italian Cinema Book. Edited by Peter Bondanella. London: BFI/Palgrave, 2012. (forthcoming)

"I misteri d’Italia nella fiction TV” in Strane storie. Il cinema e i misteri d’Italia. Edited by Christian Uva. Rome: Rubbettino, 2011. 182-195.

"Don’t Stop…: (De)Structuring Expectations in the Final Season of The Sopranos" in Mafia Movies: A Reader. Edited by Dana Renga. Toronto: Toronto UP, 2011. 192-200.

"Lost in Theory: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Lost but Were Too Afraid to Ask Lacan, Derrida, and Foucault" in Looking for Lost: Critical Essays on the Enigmatic Series. Edited by Randy Laist. Jefferson: McFarland, 2011. 90-104.

"Screening Terror: Political Terrorism in Italian Cinema" in Imagining Terrorism: The Rhetoric and Representation of Political Violence in Italy, 1969-2009. Edited by Pierpaolo Antonello and Alan O’Leary. Oxford: Legenda, 2009. 88-100.

"Days of Italian Lives: Charting the Contemporary Soapscape on Italian Public Television" The Italianist 28 (2009): 227-248.

"Di buona famiglia. Portrait of the Bourgeois Terrorist in Segreti segreti" in Italy and Bourgeoisie. Edited by Stefania Lucamante. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2009. 118-131.

"Exceptional Films: Political Terrorism in Italian Cinema" in Incontri culturali da oltre oceano. Edited by Antonio Vitti. Pesaro: Metauro, 2008. 115-131.

"Il coraggio di (di)mostrare. Il cinema del caso Moro" in Intellettuali italiani del secondo novecento. Edited by Thomas Stauder and Angela Barwig. Oldenbourg: Verlag für deutsch-italienische Studien, 2007. 465-480. Flaiano International Prize for Best Volume in Italian Studies, 2008.

"La passione secondo Marco Bellocchio. Gli ultimi giorni di Aldo Moro." Annali d’Italianistica 25 (2007): 397-408

Recent Lectures:

"Fictions: The Moro Affair in Italian TV Drama" Re-visioning Terrorism, Purdue University, September 2011.

"Lost in Theory: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Lost but Were Too Afraid to Ask Lacan, Derrida, and Foucault " Ohio State University, April 2011.

"Say Shava Shava! Tutti pazzi per amore: Glocal Bollywood Hits Italian TV" AAIS Convention, Pittsburgh, April 2011

"Misteri d’Italia tra storia e fiction TV" Saturno International Film Festival, Seminario di studi, Frosinone, November 2011.

"Fictions: The Moro Affaire Between Mediaset and Sky TV" University of Bristol, November 2010

"Don’t Stop…: (De)Structuring Expectations in the Final Season of The Sopranos"University of Exeter, November 2010.

"Italian TV Fiction and Migration" 1st Workshop of the Leverhulme Trust International Network Destination Italy. Monash Centre, Prato, September 2010.

"Un altro Moro. La fiction italiana e gli anni di piombo" AAIS Convention, Ann Arbor, April 2010.

"Lost in the Pharmakon" NEMLA Convention, Montreal, April 2010

"Days of Italian Lives: Charting the Contemporary Soapscape on Italian Public Television" AAIS Convention, New York, May 2009.

"’Jacob is Watching You’: Panopticism in Lost" NEMLA Convention, Boston, March 2009.

"Sbatti il terrorista in prima serata. Il terrorismo e la fiction televisiva" Symposium on Terrorism and Cinema, Università Roma Tre, May 2008.

"Screening Terror: Cinematic Representations of Italian Political Terrorism" University of Memphis, November 2008. Rhodes College, November 2008. Fordham University, November 2008.

Current Projects:

Belfagor e dintorni: La retorica della paura negli sceneggiati televisivi degli anni 60 e 70 (forthcoming with Rubbettino, 2013)