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John Van Sickle
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Research Interests: Classics, Pastoral Tradition
  • rev. of Gregory Nagy, Homer the Classic (Center for Hellenic Studies 2009). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 03.46 (2012)
  • “Epos,” “Tityrus,” “Meliboeus,” “Menalcas,” “Daphnis,” “Moeris,” “Lycidas,” “Phyllis.” The Virgil Encyclopedia, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012);
  •  “Eclogue,” “Bucolic,” The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics: Fourth Edition (Princeton UP, 2012).
  •  Virgil’s Book of Bucolics, the Ten Eclogues Translated Into English Verse. Framed by Cues for Reading Out-Loud & Clues for Threading Texts & Themes. (Johns Hopkins UP, 2011).

REVIEWED: Internet Review of Books / Quarterly Conversations / Google Books / Free Library /