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Paul Oppenheimer
Position: Professor, Comparative Literature and English; at 
present, Head of Department, Department of English, The City College (CUNY)

Campus Affiliation: City College of New York
Office Hours: By appointment via email only
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., Columbia University, Comparative Medieval
 B.A., Princeton University, English, Comparative
Research Interests: History of the lyric (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish), German and Italian folk literature, Baroque art, literature, music (including modern variations), Studies of evil in literature, film, psychology, The Faust legend, Machiavelli.

Selected Fellowships:
Alfred Hodder Fellowship 
(Princeton University);
Woodrow Wilson Fellowship;

Fulbright Senior Fellowship (Germany)

History of the lyric (especially English,
German, Italian, French, Spanish)
German and Italian folk literature
Baroque art, literature, music (including
 modern variations)
Studies of evil in literature, film,
 psychology, history, philosophy
The Faust legend, the Tristan Legend, Machiavelli

Recent Courses:
Gateways to the Modern: The Baroque in Art and 
Devil Pacts and Rash Promises: the Hinge of
 Plot in Art and Literature 

The Invention of Silence: A History of the 
Modern Lyric and its Revolutionary Influences
Jesters, Rogues, Fools, Quacks, Conmen and 
Spies: the real Subversives in Western
The Faust Legend
The Tristan Legend

Before a Battle and Other Poems. Harcourt, Brace.

A Pleasant Vintage of Till Eulenspiegel.
 Translated with Introduction and Critical Appendix. Wesleyan University Press.

Beyond the Furies: new poems. With ten etchings 
by Burt Hasen. Editions Faust: Paris and New

The Birth of the Modern Mind: Self, Consciousness
 and the Invention of the Sonnet. Oxford University Press.

Till Eulenspiegel: His Adventures. (2nd rev.
edtn.) Garland Publishing.

Till Eulenspiegel: His Adventures. (3rd rev.
edtn.) Oxford World's Classics.

Evil and the Demonic: A New Theory of Monstrous
Behavior. Duckworth (U.K.), New York University Press, plus paperback edtn.

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Guilt. Duckworth (U.K.); Madison Books (U.S.) edition.
Infinite Desire: A Guide to Modern Guilt.
 U.S. edition: Madison Books.

Rubens: A Portrait. (Biography.) Duckworth 
(U.K.); Cooper Square (U.S.) edition.

Blood Memoir, or The First Three Days of Creation. (Fiction.) Marsilio Publishers.

Till Eulenspiegel: His Adventures. (4th rev. edtn.) Routledge.

The Flame Charts: new poems. Spuyten Duyvil 
In Times of Danger (new poems)

Machiavelli: A Life Beyond Ideology (Continuum)

Over 80 articles in such places as American
 Book Review, US magazine, The International
 Journal of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
 (political analysis), The New Leader (political
 reporting from Germany; reviews), London Magazine 
(U.K.) (political reporting from Germany), The
 Germanic Review, Dimensions (theatre criticism),
 Backstage, Paedeuma, Art on Paper, The Jewish
 Quarterly (U.K.), Arion, The Literary Review 
(U.S.), PN Review (U.K.), Renaissance Quarterly.

Teaching abroad:
At the Sorbonne (Paris III), 1984-85; at the University of North London, 1988-89; at the University of Osnabrück (Germany), 1993-94; at University College London (Department of German), 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999.