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Graduated Students

K. Paige Ambroziak
Areas of Concentration: 16th and 17th English and French drama and prose; early modern representations of religion and myth; Christianity in secular texts; Milton; Marlowe; Shakespeare
Languages and Literatures: English, French, Latin
Country of origin: Canada

  • "Poussin's Echo of Ovid." WRECK: Graduate Journal of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, Fall 2013, Vol. 4 Issue 1.
  • "No One Promised Us a Job." The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2013.

Lissi Athanasiou
Areas of Concentration: modernity; modern Greek literature; 20th century novel; memory; mind; narrative techniques; emotions
Languages and Literatures: Greek, English, French, Ancient Greek and Latin

Rosemary Demos
Areas of Concentration: genre studies; narratology; romanticism; victorian literature; personal religious narrative
Languages and Literatures: English, Italian, French

Daniela D'Eugenio
Areas of Concentration: medieval and early modern literature; history of Italian language; dialectology; textual philology; paleography
Languages and Literatures: English, Italian, Spanish, Latin
Country of origin: Italy

Laura Di Bianco
Areas of Concentration: Italian cinema; 20th and 21st century literature; women and gender studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian, English, Spanish, Russian

Julia Heim
Areas of Concentration: political, social, and gender dissent through film; divismo; neorealismo; mafia studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian

Charlotte (Latham) Kent
Areas of Concentration: aesthetics; artwriting; ekphrasis; Enlightenment and Modernism; museum studies; narrative and reader response theory; theories of the imagination; phenomenology; Proust; 21st Century Anglo-American
Languages and Literatures: French, Italian, Ancient Greek
  • “Remapping the Viewer’s Experience with Alighiero e Boetti’s Mappa del Mondo.” English Language Notes (52.1) Spring/Summer 2014. 197-206.
  • “Ways of Seeing Williams’ “Pictures from Brueghel.” William Carlos Williams and the Visual Arts. Ed. Paul Cappucci and Daniel Morris. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, forthcoming 2015.
  • “Surveying and Being Surveyed: Gendered Insights in John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.” Essays on John Berger. Ed. Ralf Hertel and David Malcolm. Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi, October 2014.
  • “Displaced Knowledge: The Language of Borders in the Surrealist Leonora Carrington’s Down Below.” Displaced Women: Narratives of Migration in Europe. Ed. Lucia Aiello, Joy Charnley, and Mariangela Palladino. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, April 2014. 133-148.
  • “Matthea Harvey” and “Brenda Shaughnessy.” Dictionary of Literary Biography 374: Twenty-First-Century American Poets, Vol. 2. Ed. John Cusatis. Detroit: Gale Cengage, March 2014. 138-145; 278-286.
  • “The Graduate’s Odyssey.” The College. Summer (2013), 15.

Yael N. Lavender-Smith
Areas of Concentration: early modern comparative literature (English/Hebrew/Latin/Spanish); transformation narratives from antiquity to the 20th century; Shakespeare; Sidney
Languages and Literatures: English, Hebrew (biblical and modern), Latin, Spanish

Willnide Lindor
Previous College / University attended: Queens College, CUNY
Areas of Concentration: Early modern English, French
Degree awarded: B.A.
Languages and Literatures: Creole, French, Spanish
Country of origin: Haiti

Santiago Parga Linares
Areas of Concentration: Italian novel of the twentieth century; Colombian novel; Cinema and adaptation studies; New Media: Comics, graphic novel and videogames; Proust.
Languages and Literatures: Spanish, English, Italian, French
Country of origin: Colombia

Antoine Rideau
Areas of Concentration: migrant and sexual identities in literature; 19th and 20th century French and Spanish poetry and theatre; translation and bilingualism
Languages and Literatures: English, French, Spanish

Luisanna Sardu Castangia
Areas of Concentration: Women and Gender studies; languages and linguistics; Spanish studies; Renaissance studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian, Spanish, English, German

Johnna Scrabis
Areas of Concentration: morality and ethics; animal studies; language in theatre
Languages and Literatures: Spanish, Portuguese

Jane Shmidt
Areas of Concentration: 18th and 19th century British and Russian Literature, Lovesickness in Literary and Medical tradition, Medical History of the Passions, History of the Duel, Fantastic Genre, Psychoanalysis, Formalism.
Languages and Literatures: English, Russian, Spanish

Michael Skafidas
Languages and Literatures: Greek, English, French, German, Ancient Greek

Agata (Kasprzyk) Szczodrak
Previous College / University attended: University of Silesia, Poland
Areas of Concentration: language ideologies, multilingualism, linguistics, translation, 20th-century German literature, German philosophy and history, Theodor Adorno, and W.G. Sebald.
Degree awarded: Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (The Graduate Center) and M.A. in German Philology (University of Silesia).
Languages and Literatures: Polish, German, and English.
  • with The Eaton Group (Nick Block, Edward Dawson, David Gramling, Ivett Guntersdorfer, David Johnson, Jan Kühne, Karin Maxey, Marc Pierce, Lindsay Preseau, Diane Richardson, and Agata Szczodrak). “A Multilingual Turn in German Studies: Premises, Provisos, and Prospects.” Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German. (forthcoming)
  • “The Space of Alterity: Language and National Identity in Theodor Adorno and W.G. Sebald” (2017). CUNY Academic Works.

Lisa Tagliaferri
Previous College / University attended: MSc, Queen Mary, University of London; MA, Binghamton University; BA, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
Areas of Concentration: Renaissance studies, hagiography, mysticism, digital humanities
Languages and Literatures: Italian, Latin, French
Country of origin: USA
  • "Mi fanno male i capellis: Paranoia and Pain in Antonioni's Red Desert." The International Journal of Literature and Psychology, (forthcoming).
  • "Aspetterà: Anna and Claudia, L'avventura and the Neutral.The Quint: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 6.2 (2014).

Matvei Yankelevich
Areas of Concentration: literary theory; metaphor; surrealism; 20th century poetry; translation; visual culture and theatre; theories of Avant-Garde