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Graduated Students

K. Paige Ambroziak
Areas of Concentration: 16th and 17th English and French drama and prose; early modern representations of religion and myth; Christianity in secular texts; Milton; Marlowe; Shakespeare
Languages and Literatures: English, French, Latin
Country of origin: Canada

  • "Poussin's Echo of Ovid." WRECK: Graduate Journal of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, Fall 2013, Vol. 4 Issue 1.
  • "No One Promised Us a Job." The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2013.

Lissi Athanasiou
Areas of Concentration: modernity; modern Greek literature; 20th century novel; memory; mind; narrative techniques; emotions
Languages and Literatures: Greek, English, French, Ancient Greek and Latin

Rosemary Demos
Areas of Concentration: genre studies; narratology; romanticism; victorian literature; personal religious narrative
Languages and Literatures: English, Italian, French

Daniela D'Eugenio
Areas of Concentration: medieval and early modern literature; history of Italian language; dialectology; textual philology; paleography
Languages and Literatures: English, Italian, Spanish, Latin
Country of origin: Italy

Laura Di Bianco
Areas of Concentration: Italian cinema; 20th and 21st century literature; women and gender studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian, English, Spanish, Russian

Julia Heim
Areas of Concentration: political, social, and gender dissent through film; divismo; neorealismo; mafia studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian

Charlotte (Latham) Kent
Areas of Concentration: aesthetics; artwriting; ekphrasis; Enlightenment and Modernism; museum studies; narrative and reader response theory; theories of the imagination; phenomenology; Proust; 21st Century Anglo-American
Languages and Literatures: French, Italian, Ancient Greek
  • “Remapping the Viewer’s Experience with Alighiero e Boetti’s Mappa del Mondo.” English Language Notes (52.1) Spring/Summer 2014. 197-206.
  • “Ways of Seeing Williams’ “Pictures from Brueghel.” William Carlos Williams and the Visual Arts. Ed. Paul Cappucci and Daniel Morris. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, forthcoming 2015.
  • “Surveying and Being Surveyed: Gendered Insights in John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.” Essays on John Berger. Ed. Ralf Hertel and David Malcolm. Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi, October 2014.
  • “Displaced Knowledge: The Language of Borders in the Surrealist Leonora Carrington’s Down Below.” Displaced Women: Narratives of Migration in Europe. Ed. Lucia Aiello, Joy Charnley, and Mariangela Palladino. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, April 2014. 133-148.
  • “Matthea Harvey” and “Brenda Shaughnessy.” Dictionary of Literary Biography 374: Twenty-First-Century American Poets, Vol. 2. Ed. John Cusatis. Detroit: Gale Cengage, March 2014. 138-145; 278-286.
  • “The Graduate’s Odyssey.” The College. Summer (2013), 15.

Yael N. Lavender-Smith
Areas of Concentration: early modern comparative literature (English/Hebrew/Latin/Spanish); transformation narratives from antiquity to the 20th century; Shakespeare; Sidney
Languages and Literatures: English, Hebrew (biblical and modern), Latin, Spanish

Willnide Lindor
Previous College / University attended: Queens College, CUNY
Areas of Concentration: Early modern English, French
Degree awarded: B.A.
Languages and Literatures: Creole, French, Spanish
Country of origin: Haiti

Santiago Parga Linares
Areas of Concentration: Italian novel of the twentieth century; Colombian novel; Cinema and adaptation studies; New Media: Comics, graphic novel and videogames; Proust.
Languages and Literatures: Spanish, English, Italian, French
Country of origin: Colombia

Antoine Rideau
Areas of Concentration: migrant and sexual identities in literature; 19th and 20th century French and Spanish poetry and theatre; translation and bilingualism
Languages and Literatures: English, French, Spanish

Luisanna Sardu Castangia
Areas of Concentration: Women and Gender studies; languages and linguistics; Spanish studies; Renaissance studies
Languages and Literatures: Italian, Spanish, English, German

Johnna Scrabis
Areas of Concentration: morality and ethics; animal studies; language in theatre
Languages and Literatures: Spanish, Portuguese

Jane Shmidt
Areas of Concentration: 18th and 19th century British and Russian Literature, Lovesickness in Literary and Medical tradition, Medical History of the Passions, History of the Duel, Fantastic Genre, Psychoanalysis, Formalism.
Languages and Literatures: English, Russian, Spanish

Michael Skafidas
Languages and Literatures: Greek, English, French, German, Ancient Greek

Agata (Kasprzyk) Szczodrak
Previous College / University attended: University of Silesia, Poland
Areas of Concentration: Language ideologies and theories; multilingualism and linguistics; 20th century German and Polish literature; German philosophy, history, and film; translation; Theodor Adorno; WG Sebald; Walter Abish
Degree awarded: M.Phil. (The Graduate Center), M.A. in German Philology (University of Silesia)
Languages and Literatures: Polish, German, English
Country of origin: Poland

Lisa Tagliaferri
Previous College / University attended: MSc, Queen Mary, University of London; MA, Binghamton University; BA, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
Areas of Concentration: Renaissance studies, hagiography, mysticism, digital humanities
Languages and Literatures: Italian, Latin, French
Country of origin: USA
  • "Mi fanno male i capellis: Paranoia and Pain in Antonioni's Red Desert." The International Journal of Literature and Psychology, (forthcoming).
  • "Aspetterà: Anna and Claudia, L'avventura and the Neutral.The Quint: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 6.2 (2014).

Matvei Yankelevich
Areas of Concentration: literary theory; metaphor; surrealism; 20th century poetry; translation; visual culture and theatre; theories of Avant-Garde