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Institute for World Literature at Harvard

2015 Seminar with Lawrence Venuti, credit Stefania Porcelli
2015 IWL Seminar with Lawrence Venuti, credit Stefania Porcelli)

The Comparative Literature program is affiliated with the Institute for World Literature at Harvard, which is hosted each summer by different partner institutions worldwide. Students who are interested in participating to the upcoming IWL sessions should submit a letter of interest to the Executive Officer and the Deputy Executive Officer by early December.

"Participating in the IWL was a great opportunity to meet graduate students and scholars from all over the world. The seminars really benefited from the diverse backgrounds of the participants, and Lisbon was a perfect location for organizing get togethers outside the university. Over the years, I have stayed in touch with many of the people I met there, and was happy to see some of them again at several international conferences."  -Stefania Porcelli, IWL 2015 in Lisbon

"In a sweltering Tokyo summer, a host of engaging seminars and talks ranged from the Greco-Roman tradition to present-day science fiction made in China. Top-class professors and a young scholars animated a four-week experiece that I cannot recommend enough. " - Alberto Gelmi, IWL 2018 in Tokyo