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Faculty Book: David C. Brotherton eds.

David C. Brotherton and Phil Kratsemenas, eds.

Keeping Out the Other: A Critical Introduction to Immigration Enforcement Today
(Columbia University Press, 2008)

America's reputation for open immigration has always been accompanied by a desire to remove or discourage the migration of "undesirables." But recent restrictions placed on immigrants, along with an increase in detentions and deportations, point to a more worrying trend. Immigration enforcement has become the fastest growing sector for spending over the past two decades, dwarfing the money spent on helping immigrants adjust to their new lives. Instead of finding effective ways of integrating newcomers into American society, the United States is focusing on making the process of citizenship more difficult, provoking major protests and unrest. David Brotherton is a professor of criminal justice, sociology, and urban education at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 12, 2008

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Sociology | Urban Education