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Faculty Book: Barry J. Zimmerman, ed.

Dale H. Schunk, Barry J. Zimmerman, eds.

Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning: Theory, research, and applications
(Lawrence Erlbaum, 2007)

This volume focuses on the role of motivational processes such as goals, attributions, self-efficacy, outcome expectations, self-concept, self-esteem, social comparisons, emotions, values, and self-evaluations in self-regulated learning. It provides theoretical and empirical evidence demonstrating the role of motivation in self-regulated learning, and discusses detailed applications of the principles of motivation and self-regulation in educational contexts. Each chapter includes a description of the motivational variables, the theoretical rationale for their importance, research evidence to support their role in self-regulation, suggestions for ways to incorporate motivational variables into learning contexts to foster self-regulatory skill development, and achievement outcomes. Barry J. Zimmerman is a distinguished professor of educational psychology at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 18, 2007

Category: Educational Psychology | Faculty Books