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Fall 2009

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Course # Title Instructor
CSc 75010 Theoretical Computer Science Noson YANOFSKY
CSc 85200 Computational Logic Seminar Sergei ARTEMOV
CSc 85010 Belief Revision Konstantinos GEORGATOS
CSc 86010 Algebraic & Numerical Computation Victor PAN
Csc 80030 Computational Complexity & Approximation Algorithms Stathis ZACHOS
Csc 80200 Sem. in New Dev. in Discrete Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
Csc 80030 Introduction to Computational Biology Saad MNEIMNEH
Csc 82010 Principles of Computer Systems & Network Management Dinesh C. VERMA
Csc 83060 Web Information Retrieval & Data Mining Jinlin CHEN
CSc 70010 Analysis of Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
Csc 82100 Cyber Attack Pattern Recognition Robert HARALICK
CSC 83200 Seminar in Image Processing & Computer Vision Gabor HERMAN
CSc 71010 Programming Languages & Their Implementation Subash SHANKAR
CSc 85031 Discrete Mathematics for Cryptographic Applications Kent D. BOKLAN
Csc 84010 Introduction to Bioinformatics Boojala REDDY
Csc 83060 Statistical Natural Language Processing Heng JI
CSc 85200 Seminar in Post-Quantum Cryptography Michael ANSHEL
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