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Fall 2010

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Course # Title Instructor
CSc 75010 Theoretical Computer Science Noson YANOFSKY
CSc 85200 Computational Logic Seminar Sergei ARTEMOV
CSc 82020 Wireless Networking & Mobile Computing Shamik SENGUPTA
CSc 86210 Algebraic & Numerical Computation Victor PAN
CSc 88020 Approximation Algorithms & Complexity Stathis ZACHOS
CSc 82100 Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing Zhan-Yang ZHANG
CSc 85030 Modern Cryptography Nelly FAZIO
CSc 70010 Analysis of Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
CSc 83050 Pattern Recognition Robert HARALICK
CSC 83200 Seminar in Image Processing & Computer Vision Gabor HERMAN
CSc 71010 Programming Languages & Their Implementation Subash SHANKAR
CSc 80030 Introduction to Computational Biology Saad MNEIMNEH
CSc 87100 Game Theory & Social Choice Parikh ROHIT
CSc 82100 The Malware Lab Robert HARALICK
CSc 80200 Sem. in New Dev. in Discrete & Experimental Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
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