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Fall 2011

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Course # Title Instructor
CSc 71010 Programming Languages & Implementation Subash SHANKAR
CSc 74010 Logical Foundations of Computer Science Simon PARSONS
CSc 75010 Theoretical Computer Science Noson YANOFSKY
CSc 82010 UNIX Application Development Stewart WEISS
CSc 82020 Wireless Networking & Mobile Computing Shamik SENGUPTA
CSc 83020 Advanced Algorithms in 3D Computer Vision Ioannis STAMOS
CSc 83050 Pattern Recognition Robert M. HARALICK
CSc 85011 Epistemic Logic Rohit PARIKH
CSc 85020 Topics in Theoretical Computer Science: Introduction to Computability Theory Russell MILLER
CSc 85030 Cryptographic Protocols Nelly FAZIO
CSc 86200 Introduction to Parallel Scientific Computing HARALICK/NUMRICH
CSc 86030 Introduction to Stochastic Processes & Computer Simulation Felisa VAZQUEZ-ABAD
CSc 87100 Introduction to Systems Biology & Its Application in Biotechnology Lei XIE
CSc 80200 New Dev. in Discrete & Experimental Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
CSc 85200 Computational Logic Seminar Sergei ARTEMOV
CSc 86210 Algebraic & Numerical Computation Victor PAN
CSc 90000 Dissertation Supervision Doctoral Faculty
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