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Computer Science Research


The Computer Science Ph.D. Program aims to prepare its students to

become outstanding scholars and leaders in both industry and academic in-

stitutions in the broad field of Computer Science and Technology. To achieve

this goal, one of the most important skills that students must develop during

their PhD study is the ability of doing and communicating innovative re-

search. That is, to be able to learn from existing literature, identify unsolved

problems, propose inventive and effective approaches to solve the problems,

communicate and present their work before others, and publish their research

in well-established professional journals and conferences.


The main purpose of this course is to allow a reasonable number of credit

hours for a student to work on his/her Thesis research. This course will be

conducted flexibly, with the ultimate goal of having each of the registered

students working on his/her thesis related research project for a minimum

of 80 hours a semester and present their research to the class. The evalua-

tion metrics include extensive literature survey, production of conference and

journal papers, publishable research work, and project results being ready

for submission.

Learning Goals/Outcomes

The students will gain ability to conduct research, become familiar with

their field, learn to present a coherent explanatory talk, and produce pub-

lishable research results.


The instructor will make sure that the students will gain proper expe-

rience in doing research in their own field. Important assessment metrics

include extensive literature survey, coherent understandable presentation to

the class, production of a paper for a conference or journal, or having a project

result ready for submission.