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Course Description 

The course will cover the logic of programs, epistemic logic, the logic of games, belief revision, and if time permits, other topics to be specified later. 

Topic List 

 Program correctness and Hoare Logic 

 Dynamic Logic 

 The Temporal Logic of Programs 

 Game Logic 

 Epistemic Logic (logic of knowledge) 

 Common Knowledge 

 Public announcements and Plaza’s result 

 Agreeing to disagree and the results of Aumann, Krasucki and Parikh 

 The no-trade theorem of Milgrom and Stokey 

 Belief revision and the AGM theory 

 Grove models 

 Other topics as appropriate 


Learning Goals 

 Students will learn how to prove the correctness of simple programs 

 Students will be able to state important results in various areas. 

 Students will be able to prove the simplest results in these areas 

 Students will be able to compute the states of knowledge in simple scenarios 



Students will do home works (typically every week) making sure they understand the material covered in each class. There will be a midterm examination and after that the students will be given the option of writing a term paper and taking a final examination.