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Spring 2009

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Course # Title Instructor
CSc 85020 Group Theory, Finite Fields, Linear Algebra & CS Appl. Delaram KAHROBAEI
CSc 83020 3D Photography Ioannis STAMOS
CSc 84010 Language Technology: Speech & Language Processing Matt HUENERFAUTH
CSc 79100 Research in CUNY Ted BROWN
CSc 85011 Epistemic Logic & its Applications Rohit PARIKH
CSc 85030 Modern Cryptography Nelly FAZIO
CSc 84020 E-Commerce & Computational Economics Simon PARSONS
CSc 85200 Seminar in Logic Sergei ARTEMOV
CSc 86200 Algebraic & Numerical Computation Victor PAN
Csc 80030 Topics in Algorithms: Approx. & Randomized Algorithms Stathis ZACHOS
Csc 84020 Quickest Detection of Abrupt Changes with Applications Olympia HADJILIADIS
Csc 84020 Sem. in New Dev. in Discrete & Experimental Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
Csc 86020 Probabilistic Analysis & Randomized Algorithms Hoeteck WEE
CSc 74010 Logical Fundamentals of Computer Science Melving FITTING
CSc 72010 Computer Networks Nancy GRIFFETH
Csc 82100 Network Forensics Ping JI
CSc 85200 Seminar in Cryptocomplexity Michael ANSHEL
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