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Spring 2012

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Course # Title Instructor
CSc 70010 Analysis of Algorithms Amotz Bar-Noy
CSc 72010 Computer Networks Ping JI
CSc 79100 Seminar: Research in CUNY Ted BROWN
CSc 80040 Design of Efficient Algorithms Gabor HERMAN
CSc 82100 The MalWare Lab Robert M. HARALICK
CSc 84010 Web Information Retrieval & Data Mining JinLin CHEN
CSc 85030 Topics in Computational Group Theory & Applications to Cryptography Delaram KAHROBAEI
CSc 80200 New Dev. in Discrete & Experimental Algorithms Amotz BAR-NOY
CSc 80200 Computational Logic Seminar Sergei ARTEMOV
CSc 86210 Algebraic & Numerical Computation Victor PAN
CSc 80200 Data Mining Seminar HARALICK/ATTEWELL
CSc 83200 Seminar in Image Processing and Computer Vision Robert HARALICK
CSc 84200 Seminar in Knowledge Discovery, Induction & Inference Robert HARALICK
CSc 85200 Seminar in Logic & Games Rohit PARIKH
CSc 90000 Dissertation Supervision Doctoral Faculty
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