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Computer Networks

Text Book: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Addison Wesley, latest edition. Additional reading materials on advanced topics in computer networks will be assigned through the semester.
Course Description: This course is designed for graduate students in Computer Science programs who have knowledge in undergraduate level Computer Networks, Algorithms and some familiarity with probability theory. This course covers an in-depth review of fundamental principles of network architecture and protocols, introductions on advanced computer networks, and advanced principles of the design of computer networks. Specifically, we will review fundamental computer network architecture, principles of Circuit Switching and Packet Switching, the protocol stack, and essential design principles and network protocols of each network layer. Advanced topics in computer networks, such as Wireless and Mobiles networks and Network Security will be introduced. In addition, we will explore in-depth principles for common protocol design techniques, such as signaling, randomization, etc..
Learning Goals: upon completion of this course, the students should be familiar with all existing fundamental data communication protocols across different network layers, such as TCP, IP, Ethernet and 802.11, ARP, etc., understand their design principles, and be capable of making reasonable modifications on the protocols. Students should also be able to write programs that facilitate research and application purposes. For example, a student should be able to write scripts that collect necessary components of network traces for network performance analysis and management purposes. Students should also be able to design and evaluation network protocols on theoretical basis. 
Course Workload: The course workload and grading scales are specified in the following table. Please note, not finishing ANY of the course work will result in an INC or an F in final grade.
Written assignments                  3-4 times   40%
Midterm                                       1               30%
Final Exam or Final Project         1               30%