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Category Theory Seminar

Category theory is a branch of science that sits at the intersection of theoretical computer science, mathematics and theoretical physics. It is a unified way of looking at structures and processes. The abstract nature of the field makes it qualified to talk about many seemingly different --- but related --- topics.  

Over the past few years the Computer Science Department of the Graduate Center has hosted The New York City Category Theory Seminar. This is a regular gathering of students, faculty and people interested in category theory from all over the tri-state region. The Seminar is addressed by local and international speakers presenting their cutting edge research.  The seminar is run by Prof. Noson S. Yanofsky.

In the past three years the Seminar has also ran reading groups on important fields within category theory. Participants chose books and lecture on a single topic for long periods of time. The participants get an in-depth view of the subject. The participants take turns lecturing about the material till the book is finished. The Seminar spent two years on homotopy type theory and this year the Seminar is going through a book on topos theory.

A list of past and upcoming speakers can be found on the Category Theory Seminar web page.