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Faculty Book: Jean Anyon

Jean Anyon

Radical Possiblilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and a New Social Movement (Routledge, 2005; 240 pp.)

This groundbreaking book reveals the influence of federal and metropolitan policies and practices—minimum wage, job availability, tax rates, federal transit, affordable housing—on the poverty that plagues schools and communities in American cities and segregated, low-income suburbs. Basing her analysis on new research in civil rights history and social movement theory, Anyon explains how the current moment offers serious possibilities for the creation of a force to bring about equitable public policies and urban school reform. She describes five social movements already under way in U.S. cities and offers readers a set of practical and theoretical insights into securing economic and educational justice for millions of America's poor families and students. Jean Anyon is a professor of urban education at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 31, 2005

Category: Urban Education