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Faculty Book: Syed V. Ahamed

Syed V. Ahamed and Victor B. Lawrence

The Art of Scientific Innovation: Cases of Classical Creativity (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005; 274 pp.)

Ahamed and Lawrence argue for a return to the creativity, inventiveness, and research environment essential for discovery and scientific innovation. Their book first illuminates the scientific process, with an emphasis on inventions as disclosed in patents, as well as the philosophy and history of technical and scientific schemes. It then goes on to explore the need for a climate of creativity and excitement about in-depth research—the sort of climate that previously inspired so many great thinkers, inventors, engineers, and scientists of the past. Students of engineering and science, as well as working engineers and managers of technical organizations, will find it stimulating. Ahamed is a Professor of Computer Science at The Graduate Center. 

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Submitted on: JUN 14, 2005

Category: Computer Science