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Melvin Fitting
Lehman College

Joel David Hamkins
College of Staten Island

Saul Kripke
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Rohit Parikh
Brooklyn College

Subash Shankar
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Logic and computability theory were present at the birth of Computer Science. Today logic unites fundamental research and practical developments across a broad range of areas within computer science. Among these are typed theories and languages, logic programming, automated deduction, computer-aided reasoning and verification, knowledge representation and maintenance, fundamentals of epistemic reasoning, logical models of rationality, decision theory with impacts in robotics, data bases, game theory and many other areas. Current faculty interests include computational logic and constructive reasoning, automated theorem proving and verification, theory of typed languages, logics of knowledge and justification, social software studies, epistemic game theory, foundations of computability.



C Sc 75100  Logical Fundamentals of Computer Science
C Sc 85310  Knowledge and Games
C Sc 85320  Epistemic Logic and its Applications
C Sc 85330  Proofs and Computation
C Sc 85340  Justification Logic
C Sc 85350  Game Theory and Social Choice
C Sc 85360  Modal Logic
C Sc 85400  Seminar in Computational Logic (1 credit)
C Sc 85401  Seminar in Logic and Games (1 credit)
C Sc 85410  Topics in Logic