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Elena Filatova
Graduate CenterNew York City College of Technology

Rivka Levitan
Brooklyn College

Sarah Ita Levitan
Hunter College

Alla Rozovskaya
Queens College

William Sakas
Hunter College


Natural Language Processing

The Natural Language Processing group focuses on theoretical issues in computational linguistics, in particular, efficient algorithms and data structures for parsing and machine translation, linear-time algorithms, and grammar formalisms. This group also studies structured learning theory (esp. under inexact inference) and online learning theory (esp. online approximations of SVM and parallelizing online learning), and tries to scale them up for big-data in practice. Their work is at the intersection of NLP with compiler theory and programming language, psycholinguistics, theoretical computer science, and computational biology. The group also  conducts research into how speech communicates information, with a particular focus on computational approaches to understanding prosody, intonation and how deception operates in spoken communication.



CSc 74040 Natural Language Processing
CSc 84000 Advanced Natural Language Processing
Linguistics 73600 Methods in Computational Linguistics I
Linguistics 83800 Methods in Computational Linguistics II
Linguistics 83600 Language Technology