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Recent Dissertations Completed


Michelle Boileau
Title: The Characterization of Black Inkjet Computer Printer Inks using Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (Py-GC-MS), High Performance Liquid

Cristopher Herrmann
Title: Risky Business: A Micro-Level Spatiotemporal Analysis of Crime, Place, & Business Establishment Type

Zainab Latif
Title: Offending in Karachi's Neighborhoods: An Emperical Test of the Systemic Model of Social Disorganization

Ana Crayton Lee
Title: Long-term Incarceration and Public Safety: Predicting the Recidivism Risk of Long -term Prisoners

Michelle Miranda
Title: The Chemical Analysis of Tattoo Ink

Andrew J. Schweighardt
Title: Pathogen Detection using the Luminex Multi-Analyte System

Matthew Semel
Title: Military Interrogations: Best Practice & Beliefs

Kelly Walsh
Title: Characterization of Motor Oils and Other Lubrication by High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Three-Dimensional Excitation Emission Matrices and Two-Dimensional Low Temperature Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Brooke Kammrath Weinger
Title: A Study of the Molecular Chemistry of Glasses by Infrared Microspectroscopy and Its Use in Forensic Glass Discrimintation and Classification

Tasha Youstin
Title: Exploring Gender Differences in Development and Lif-Course Criminology: An Examination of the Relationship Between Stigamatization and Social Bonds in the Desistance Process


Roberta Belli
Title: Where Political Extremists and Greedy Criminal Meet: A Comparative Study of Financial Schemes and Criminal Networks in the United States

Michelle Boileau
Title: The Characterization of Black Inkjet Computer Printer Inks using Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (Py-GC-MS), High Performance Liquid

Andrea Marie Cantora
Title: Perceptions of Community Corrections: Understanding How Women's Needs are Met in an Evidence-Based/Gender-Responsive Halfway House

Albert Gamarra
Title: Call of Duty: A Question of Policy Integrity

Ronnie Harmon
Title: Anti-stalking Legislation, Recidivism and the mentally disordered Stalker

Courtney Houghman
Title: Judical Instructions and the juror's ability to disregard inadmissible evidence: Can varying the timing and content of judicial instructions influence juror decision-making?

Zainab Latif
Title: Offending in Karachi: examining the systemic model of social disorganization

Meghan Sacks
Title: Don't Have a Right to Bail? A Study of Bail Decisions/Outcomes and the Potential Effects on Plea Bargaining and Sentencing

Andrew Schweighardt
Title: Pathogen Detection Using the Luminex Multi-analyte System

Matthew Semel
Title: Military Interrogations: Best Practices & Beliefs

Zachary Shemtob
Title: Supreme Convolution: Gregg v. Georgia and the Nature of Supreme Court Decision Making

Robert Tarwacki
Title: Perceptions of Quality in Criminal Investigations: Police Investigators, Supervisors and Prosecutors

Brenda Vollman
Title: Identity and Behavior: Exploring an understanding of “Being” and “Doing” for Catholic Priests in the United States Accused of the Sexual Abuse of Minors

Travis Wendel
Title: Dynamics of retail methamphetamine markets in New York City

Kideste Wilder
Title: Building a Model for Policing Communities with Competing and Converging Interests

Mathew Zommer
Title: Reciprocity and the Laws of War: An Historical Analysis of U.S. State Practice


Rebecca Bucht
Title: Qualitative and Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Analysis for Forensic Examination of Duct Tapes

David Caspi
Title: Extremist networks and lethality: A mapping of violent white supremacist group networks and investigation of relationship between network location and ideologically motivated murder

John Decarlo
Title: A Study Comparing the Eyewitness Accuracy of Police Officers and Citizens

Richard Kim
Title: Cyber-Surveillance: A Case Study in Policy and Development

Rainer Kroll
Title: Shiftwork: A Survey of Motivation in Police Officers

Jennifer McCarthy
Title: The Relationship between Possessing Child Pornography and Child Molestation

Meredith Patten
Title: American sports fans: What makes them tick and sometimes explode; and what attributes of the arena contribute to fan incidents?

Brian Rizzo
Title: Serving at the Pleasure of the Mayor: An Exploration of Political Involvement in New York Police Commissioner Departures 1901-2001

John Waldron
Title: Social and Legal Determinants on the Enforcement of Domestic Violence Laws by the Police: A Study of New Jersey Police Officers


Alissa Ackerman
Title: Registered Sex Offenders in the Community: A Test of Agnew's General Strain Theory

Sarah Billingsley-Chapman
Title: Inmate-Perpetrated Harassment: Exploring the Gender-Specific Experience of Female Correction Officers

Arlene Garcia
Title: The Gatekeeping Behind Meritocracy: Voices of NYC High School Students

Meredith Dank
Title: The Lost Children of New York City: Population estimate, network attributes and the role of social capital in the commercial sexual exploitation of children in New York City

Monty Gerbush
Title: Police Discretion: An Analysis of Non-Domestic Assault Calls for Service

Mia Green
Title: Factors of Pretrial Release Conditions in a Felony and Misdemeanor Court: An Analysis of Six Models

Ji Hyon Kang
Title: Victimization and Involvement in Social Control: Moderating Effects of Neighborhood Conditions

Faith Liebman
Title: Memorial Laws; Social and Media Construction of Personalized Legislation,
1994 - 2005

Charles Lieberman
Title: Community Policing & Terrorism: Community Policing Philosophy as a Tool for Local Law Enforcement to Counter Terrorist Activities

Patrick Morris
Title: Dual Arrest in Intimate Partner Violence Incidents: The Influence of Police Officer, Incident, and Organizational Characteristics

Sheetal Ranjan
Title: Intimate Partner Violence: An Examination of Ecological Factors

Vincenzo Sainato
Title: Situational Surveillance Control

Lisa Taylor Williams
Title: Measuring the Impact of New York City’s Specially Targeted Offenders Project on Sex Offender Recidivism

Carrie Trojan
Title: Examining the criminal histories of homicide offenders: A comparison of single-victim and serial homicide and the link between prior offending and homicide crime scene behaviors

Brigitte Vallabhajosula
Title: Assessing frontal lobe functioning in the context of violent and aggressive behavior: A new multimodal approach

Woosuk Yun
Title: State Control, Social Ties, Social Control: Examining the Roles of Residents’ Perception of the Police on Social Interactions, Social Cohesion, and Informal Social Control


Selcuk Atak
Title: Mentoring in the Law Enforcement Context: A Case Study of the Turkish National Police

Younoh Cho
Title: Analysis of the Automated Voiceprint Recognition Supervision Program in Korea

Deniese Kennedy-Kollar
Title: The effect of Biased Information on the Malleability of Death Penalty Opinion

Besiki Kutateladze
Title: Introducing a new Measurement of State Punitiveness and Testing it across the United States

Tracy Tamborra
Title: Sex: Does Relationship Status and Women’s Reputation Affect Perceptions of Coercion and Ascription of Responsibility?

Steven Wood
Title: Regulatory Capture and the South African Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons


Kevin Barrett
Title: Police Use of Force: A Case Study of the Attitudes of Suburban, Rural and Urban Police Officers in New Jersey

Yury Cheryachukin
Title: The Jury System in Russia: Perceptions and Attitudes toward Criminal Trials

Mehmet Dayioglu
Title: Police Officer Attitudes toward Use of Force in the Turkish National Police

Ahmet Kule
Title: Socialization Process of Individuals who Join Terrorist Organizations

Venezia Michalsen
Title: Going Straight for Her Children? Mothers? Desistance After Incarceration

Andres Rengifo
Title: Neighborhood Effects and Informal Social Control: Examining the Role of Social Networks in the South Bronx

Linda Russo
Title: No Child Left Behind Principles as Predictors of Correctional Youths Academic Performance Scores

Jessica Saunders
Title: An Empirical Test of Terrie Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy of Delinquency

David Schroeder
Title: DNA and Homicide Clearance: What’s Really Going On?

Stacy Strobl
Title: Women and Policing in Bahrain

John F. Waldron
Title: Deadly Force: An Examination of the Effect of Administrative Controls on the Potential and Actual Use of Police Firearms in On and Off-Duty Confrontations

Jennifer Wynn
Title: Psychopathology in Supermax Prisons: A New York State Study


Lauren Barrow
Title: Silent Victims: An Examination into Criminal Victimization of the Deaf

Kimberly Collica
Title: From Incarceration to Rehabilitation: Transition that Transcend Criminal Trajectories, A Study on the Effects of HIV Prison-Based Peer Education Programs on NYS Female Peers

James Drylie
Title: Suicide-By-Cop: A Case Study Analysis

Gennifer Furst
Title: Prison Based Animal Programs: An Examination and Investigation

Paula E. Gormerly
Title: Prosecutorial Decision Making in a Republican Paradigm

Charlyn Hilliman
Title: Assessing the Impact of Virtual Visitation on Familial Communication and Institutional Adjustment for Women in Prison

Holli Hurban
Title: Fear of Crime in the New York City Public Schools.

George Kain
Title: Service-Learning and Mentoring: Theoretical and Practical Applications for Criminal Justice Education

Carmen LaBruno
Title: Community Policing: The Impact on Role Perception, Work Routines and the Subculture of Police in Select Ethnically Diverse Communities.

Donna Morgan
Title: Femicide: Them Impact of Victim/Offender Relationship on Crime Characteristics

Christopher Ortiz
Title: Institute Reform Litigation in Policing: An Analysis of Police Pattern & Practice Litigation

Nickie Phillips
Title: Prosecution of Bias Motivated Crimes in a New Jersey County, 2001-2004

Kim Polochak-Marino
Title: Community Management of Sex Offenders: An Interagency Approach
Aviva Twersky-Glasner
Title: Deaf Criminal Offenders- Testing a Model of Deficient Socialization


Jo-Ann Della-Giustina
Title: Gender, Race and Class as Predictors of Femicide Rates: A Path Analysis

Dana Greene
Title: Repeat Performances: Why Good Reforms Go Bad and Testing the Next Wave, Restorative Justice

Gerard La Salle
Title: Rolling the Dice in Atlantic City: A Study of Patrons as Victims of Crime on the Casino Floor.

Cathryn Lavery
Title: Community College Male Athletes and Non-Athletes: An Examination of Status Characteristics and Rape Supportive Attitudes

Mitchell Librett
Title: The Spoils of War: Divergent Lifeworlds and Identity Formation Among Undercover/Vice Cops in the Burbs

James McCabe
Title: An Examination of the Effect of Drug Enforcement on the ……of Serious Crime in Queens ,New York from 1995-2001

Kimberly Spanjol
Title: Self Reported Antecedents and Consequences of Female Heroin Use

Jeffrey Walsh
Title: Ecological Predictors of Local Motor Vehicle Theft and Changes Over Decade 1990 – 2001


Elizabeth Bartels
Title: Crime During the British Mandate in Palestine :1918 -1948

Ida Dupont
Title: Help Seeking Behaviors of Marginalized Battered Women: Theoretical and Policy Implications

Katherine Jean Faller
Chronic Offending in a Population of Adults Diagnosed with ADHD and CD as Children

Natasha Frost
Title: The Problem of Punitiveness

Heath Grant
Title: Fosterng a Culture of Lawfullness: Examining the Relationship between Perceptions of Law Enforcement Legitimacy, Legal Reasoning and Behavior

Edith Linn
Title: What Works for Me? Arrest Decisions as Adaptive Behavior

Hugh McGowan
Title: Context, Containment and Conversation Model: A Study of the New York City Police Department’s Hostage and Barricade Resolution Strategies