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Current Courses

Auditing Courses

Level 1 students with out-of-state status will be assessed tuition for audited courses at the per credit rate as if they were taking the course for credit. In other words, a Level 1 out-of-state student registered for 9 degree credits of course work who chooses to audit an additional 3 credit course will pay for 12 credits. Please remember that there is no longer a maximum tuition charge for these students; they pay for all courses and weighted instructional units on a per credit basis regardless of the status (audit or for credit).

Part time Level 1 students paying in-state rates who register to audit courses will also be assessed tuition as if the course were taken for credit. However, there is still a full time flat rate for Level 1 in-state students. Full time Level 1 students (those students registered for 7 or more credits/WIUs) paying in-state rates may therefore audit courses at no additional charge.

CUNY Consortium

CUNY is part of the Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium, which provides for cross-registration among member institutions. In preparation for registration, please take note of the information on this Consortium, found through the GC website here.

In obtaining the required 60 credits of courses required for the doctorate, at least one three-credit course must be taken at any one of the CUNY doctoral programs. This course taken outside the Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice can be any elective that is related to criminal justice, broadly defined.

* Note to incoming students: First-year students are not eligible to participate in the Consortium.

Registration Instructions

You register for the course you wish to take at another university right on your GC PhD registration card. However, to make your registration official you must get five signatures. The Administrative Program Officer has the forms you will need. You will need the approval of the following individuals:

(1) the head of your program ( an e-mail to the Executive Officer explaining what course you propose and why you want to take it. He or she can then respond and you can use this as the approval document at GC);
(2) the head of the program in which you wish to take a course;
(3) the registrar at The Graduate Center;
(4) the registrar at the host University;
(5) the instructor in the course you plan on taking.

Note: You must complete the registration process outlined in the Graduate Center – Student Handbook by the end of the third week of the CUNY semester

Dropping Courses

All students registered through the Doctoral Consortium who wish to drop a course must notify both the home and host school and follow the appropriate instructions at both institutions.

Instructions for Taking a Master's Course at John Jay College

Students in the doctoral program who have not transferred in the maximum number of credits allowed (15 in CCJ; 29 in POA; 30 in FS) can take masters courses for credit. To sign up for Masters courses you must do the following:

1) Get the Executive Officer’s permission, as well as the permission of the faculty member teaching the MA classes before you attempt to register.

You may send an email to the Executive Officer and the Associate Program Officer stating:

Class name;

Instructor's name (The professor must certify that you will be doing extra credit work to make this into a PhD level course);

Course Description;

Reason for taking it (Make sure that there is no similar course on the PhD level at GC or in any other Consortium school).

2) Once you have approval, make sure to enter the course information you will have to fill out a form (PERMIT OUT form) to be presented at the Registrar of the Graduate Center. The Registrar will issue a voucher which will permit you to register at John Jay College.