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Policy, Oversight, & Administration

The Policy, Oversight and Administration (POA) specialization is targeted towards those interested in policy analysis, inspection and oversight, and related areas of Criminal Justice.

Policy analysis involves the analysis of alternative courses of official action to achieve goals. In Criminal Justice, Policy Analysis takes place in academic, professional and governmental settings.

Inspection and oversight, as a field of practice, seeks to foster and promote accountability and integrity in public and private organizations through prevention, examination, investigation, audit, detection, elimination and prosecution of fraud, waste and abuse, and through policy research and analysis, as well as standardization of practices, policies, conduct and ethics.

Related areas of Criminal Justice include security management, fire protection, homeland security, emergency management, and the preventive aspects of law enforcement. This interdisciplinary field combines perspectives and techniques of law, accounting, public administration, criminal justice, criminal and civil investigation, policy analysis, and operations research.