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Recent graduates include:

September 2015

Dr. Heather Glickman-Eliezer
“Aerosol and Urban Heat Island Interactions with Warm Cloud-Top shortwave Infrared Reflectance and Visible Albedo”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi – City College

Dr. Stephen P. Boatright
“American Dreamer:  First-Time Homeownership and the Affective Geographies of Dwelling”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Ousmane Sy Savane
“Effects of Aerosol on Cloud Water Path:  Statistical Method a Potential Source for Divergence in Observation based Correlative Studies”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi – City College

Dr. Gerald Rustic
“Eastern Tropical Pacific Climate and El Nino Variability During the Past Millennium”
Advisor – Professor Athanasios Koutavas – College of Staten Island

May 2015

Dr. Patrick Michael Alexander
“Assessing Greenland Ice Sheet Albedo and Mass Blannce Variability Using In-Situ Data, Spaceborne Observation and Regional Model Outputs”
Advisor – Professor Marco Tedesco – City College

Dr. Samuel Frank
“Carbon Emission Policy in the United States Patchwork vs. National Policy”
Advisor – Professor John Seley – Graduate Center

Dr. Damayanti Gurung
“Microfossils as Proxies for Holocene Climate in Semi-Enclosed Basins:  The Hudson River Estuary, New York, USA and the Marmara Sea, Turkey”
Advisor – Professor Cecilia McHugh – Queens College

Dr. Daniel William Hauptvogel
“The State of the Oligocene Icehouse World:  Sedimentology, Provence, and Stable Isotopes of Marine Sediments from the Antarctic Continental Margin”
Advisor – Professor Stephen Pekar – Queens College

Dr. Jessica TY Miller
“Super Fun Superfund:  Polluted Protection Along the Gowanus Canal”
Advisor – Professor Kenneth Gould – Brooklyn College

Dr. Lesley Patrick
“Health Exposure, Socio-Economic Vulnerability, and Infrastructure at Risk to Current and Projected Coastal Flooding in New York City”
Advisor – Professor Julianna Maatany – Lehman College

Dr. Owen Toews
“Resettling the City?  Settler Colonialism, Neoliberalism, and Urban Land in Winnipeg, Canada”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center

September 2014

Dr. Naomi Adiv
“The Amphibious Public: A Historical Geography of Municipal Swimming and Bathing, New York City, 1870-2013”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center

Dr. Gordon Green
“Mapping Forest Canopy Structure with On-Demand Fusion of Remotely Sensed Data”
Advisor – Professor Sean Ahearn – Hunter College

Dr. Kimberly Handle
“Paleoecology of Late Cretaceous methane cold-seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota”
Advisor – Professor Neil Landman – AMNH

Dr. Ning Ma
“The Interaction between arsenic and Struvite During Coprecipitation and Adsorption Processes”
Advisor – Professor Ashaki Rouff – Queens College

Dr. Stephen McFarland
“With the Class-Conscious Workers Under One Roof”:  Union Halls and Labor Temples in American Working-Class Formation, 1880-1970”
Advisor – Professor Ruth Gilmore – Graduate Center

Dr. Fernanda Santos
“Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics from Slow Turnover Soil Organic matter in Temperature Forest:  Pyrogenic Organic Matter and Fine Roots”
Advisor – Professor Jeffrey Bird – Queens College

Dr. Jaroslaw Schellner
“TV Audience Fragmentation:  Measurement, Causes and Economic Consequences”
Advisor – Dr. Lisa George – Hunter College

Dr. Suzanne Stempel
“Water Conservation as a Best Management Practice for the Mitigation of Combined Sewage Overflows; Case Study:  Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY”
Advisor – Professor Zhongqi Cheng – Brooklyn College

May 2014

Dr. Katera Ya’Shea Moore
“In Harm’s Way:  How Philadelphia’s Urban Renewal Practices Steered Marginal People to Marginal Land”
Also – Certificate in Africana Studies
Advisor – Professor Kenneth Gould – Brooklyn College

February 2014

Dr. Jennifer Brisbane
“Historical Relationships Between Land Elevation and Socioeconomic Status in New York City:  A Mixed Methods GIS Approach”
Advisor – Professor Juliana Maantay – Herbert H. Lehman College

Dr. Moira Conway
“Gravity Modeling of Casinos in The United States:  A Case Study of Philadelphia”
Advisor – Professor John Seley – Graduate Center

Dr. Jennifer Renee Cox
“Suburban Heat Islands:  The Influence of Residential Minimum Lot Size Zoning on Surface Heat Islands in Somerset County, New Jersey”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki – Hunter College

Dr. Edward Rice
“Long-Term Warming and the Size and Phenology of Long Island Sound Plankton”
Advisor – Professor Gillian Stewart – Queens College

Dr. David Spataro
“We Work, We Eat Together:  Anti-Authoritarian Mutual Aid Politics in New York City, 2004-2013”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Xiyan Xu
“Numerical Study of Canopy Flows in Complex Terrain”
Advisor – Professor Chuixiang Yi – Queens College

September 2013

Dr. Hanii Takahashi
“Study of Tropical Deep-Convective Processes and Water Vapor Variations Using NASA A-Train Data and Geostationary Satellite Observations”
Advisor – Professor Zhengzhao (Johnny) Luo – City College

May 2013

Dr. Ryan Ehrhart
“Scaling Food Security:  A Political Ecology of agricultural Policies and Practices in Bukindnon, Philippines”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. David Friedman
“ Policy Change Sustainability, and Environmental Justice:  Applications of the Long Island Markal, Model”
Advisor – Professor Yehuda L. Klein – Brooklyn College

Dr. Enrique Lanz Oca
“The El WHA Dam Removal Project and the Dematerialization of Nature”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Rahul Sahajpal
“Developing Geochemical Proxies for a High Resolution Hydroclimate Record in Mono Lake Basin”
Advisor – Professor N. Gary Hemming – Queens College

February 2013

Dr. Anne Babette Audant
“Public Market to La Marqueta:  Shaping Spaces and Subjects of Food Distribution in New York City, 1930-2012”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center

Dr. George Jose Musa
“Does Geography Matter?  Neighborhood Effects on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of NYC Public School Children After 9/11”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki

September 2012

Dr. Bradley Gardener
And Then the Neighborhood Changed:  Jewish Intra-Urban Migration and Racial Identity in the Bronx, NY”
Advisor – Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya - Hunter

Dr. Christian Anderson
“West Side Stories:  Everyday Life and the Social Space of West Forty-Sixth Street”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Amanda Huron
“The Work of the Urban Commons:  Limited-Equity Cooperatives in Washington, D.C.
Advisor – Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya – Hunter College

Dr. Elana Klein
“Late Pleistocene to Holocene Evolution, Sedimentation Processes, and Anthropogenic Impact of a Coastal System:  Raritan and Sandy Hook Bays, New Jersey
Advisor – Professor Cecilia McHugh – Queens College

Dr. Caitlyn Nichols
“Temporal and Spatial Variability of Metal Distributions in Staten Island Marsh-Creek Systems:  Does Connectivity to the Arthur Kill Impact Anthropogenic enrichment, Sediment Quality and Toxicity Potential in NY/NJ HE Marsh Habitats?
Advisor – Professor William Wallace – College of Staten Island

Dr. Nicholas Steiner
“Techniques for the Remote Sensing and Ground Measurement of Snow and Ice”
Advisor – Professor Marco Tedesco – City College

May 2012

Dr. Michael Porter
“The Environmental Justice Implications of New York States and New York City’s Brownfield Policies”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki – Hunter College

Dr. Benjamin Sallemi
“A Life Time Mortality Risk Analysis and Cost Benefit analysis Associated with Asbestos Exposure from the Collapse of the World Trade Cener on 9/11:  Does the Cost of US_EPA’s Residential Dust Clean Up In Lower Manhattan Exceed It’s Benefits?”
Advisor – Professor Robert Nolan – Graduate Center

February 2012

Dr. Philippe Amstislavski
“Access to Urban Food Outlets as a Predictor of Diabetes”
Advisor – Professor Juliana Maantay – Lehman College

Dr. Alexandra Tsekeri
“Development and Assessment of a Neural Network Approach for Retrieving Aerosol Properties from Multispectral, Multiangle Polarization Measurements”
Advisor – Professor Barry Gross – City College (Engineering)

May 2011

Dr. Lee Hachadoorian
"Tiebout Sorting and Jurisdictional Homogeneity: Empirical Validity and Ethical
Advisor- Professor Jochen Albrecht- Hunter College

Dr. Jingyu Wang
"Phosphorus Transport in the Bronx River: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis"
Advisor- Professor Hari Pant - Lehman College

February 2011

Dr. Debjani Ghatak
"Cryospheric Teleconnections: The Response of Northern Hemisphere Snow to the
Atmospheric and Arctic Sea Ice Variations"
Advisor- Professor Allan Frei- Hunter College

Dr. Cristina Notaro
"The Interfaith Center: The Construction and Consequence of Interfaith Space"
Advisor- Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya- Hunter College

September 2010

Dr. Shihyan Lee
"Characterizing: Vegetation Structure and Biomass Using Lidar Remote Sensing"
Advisor- Professor Wenge Ni-Meister- Hunter College

Dr. Andrew Maroko
"Chronic: Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Heart Failure in New York City: A
Methodological Exploration of Environmental Justice and Health"
Advisor- Professor Julianna Maantay- Lehman College

June 2010

Dr. Yumiko Iwasaki
"Systematics on Viaphacops Maxim ova, 1972 from Bolivia and Paleobiogeography of the
Subfamily Phacopinae Hawle & Corda, 1847 for the Lower and Middle Devonian, with a Particular
Emphasis on the Genus Paciphacops Maximova, 1972" '
Advisor- Professor Niles Eldredge- AMNH

Dr. Scott Larson
"Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind: Redevelopment Politics in the Bloomberg
Advisor- Professor Neil Smith- Graduate Center

Dr. Robert Bradford Stewart
''Toward a Spatial Understanding ofLatin American Immigrant worker Population Fatalities"
Advisor- Professor Ines Miyares - Hunter College

Dr. QiangYang
"Arsenic in Fractured Bedrock Aquifers in Greater Augusta, Marine USA"
Advisor- Professor Yang Zheng - Queens College

September 2009

Dr. Ylli Kellici
"An Analysis of the Performance of Public Elementary Schools in New York City During
2001-2005 from a Geographical Perspective"
Advisor- Professor Sean Ahearn- Hunter College

Dr. Hun Bok Jung
"Fate, Reaction and Transport of Groundwater Arsenic During Discharge to Waquoit Bay,
USA and Meghna River, Bangladesh"
Advisor- Professor Y an Zheng- Queens College

February 2009

Dr. Angelos Lampousis
"Electrical Resistivity Imaging Study of Near-Surface Infiltration"
Advisor- Professor Patricia Kenyon - City College

Dr. Philip C. Laporta
"The Stratigraphy and Structure of the Cambrian and Ordovician Chert Bearing Carbonates
of the Wallkill River Valley: The Stratigraphic Nature of the Chert and teir Archaeological
Advisor - Professor Hannes Brueckner - Queens College

Dr. Gordon Gruys Hinshalwood
"Biodegradation of Fuel, Oxygenates in Northeastern United States Aquifers with an
Analysis of Underground Storage Tank Leaks"
Advisor- Professor David Locke - Queens College

September 2008

Dr. Noureddin Amaach
·"The Sedimentology, Mineralogy and Metal Contamination of Sediments in the Apex of the
New York Bight, NY, USA: An Integrated Laboratory and Field Study of Trace Metal Behavior in
an Urban Estuary.
Advisor- Professor Stephen Aja- Brooklyn College

Dr. Robert H.S. Applebaum
"Paleoclimate Signal from the Late Eocene New Jersey Continental Slope: A Multi-Proxy
Advisor- Professor Cecilia McHugh- Queens College

Dr. Jun Tu
"Assessing the Impact of Long-Term Land Use Changes on Water Quality in Eastern
Advisor- Professor Zong-Guo Xia - Lehman College