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Terence Agbeyegbe
Energy and environmental economics
Sean C. Ahearn
agent-based models; spatial-temporal models; digital image analysis; ecological modeling; location-based systems; emergency response; urban geographic systems; LiDAR
Samir A. Ahmed
Environmental optics, Remote sensing.
Stephen U. Aja
Environmental geochemistry, Clay mineralogy.
Jochen Albrecht
Computational Geography. Arguably my "Area" is Human Geography as much as Environmental and Geological Sciences. As a true geographer I do not believe in this separation.
Thomas Angotti
Community planning and development; housing; environmental justice; Latin American urbanization; global urbanization; food systems; rural community development
Teresa J. Bandosz
Environmental chemistry, Material science, Waste management, Pollutant removal.
Homar Barcena
Stefan Becker
Sunil Bhaskaran
Applications of geospatial techniques for mapping urban land use; emergency services; disaster management; Integrating and modeling spaceborne; airborne remotely sensed data with GIS data for air pollution; energy studies; developing spatial decision support systems. Advanced per-pixel and object-based-classification approaches to extract urban features from high resolution space borne data. Multispectral and hyperspectral data analysis for disaster management and vulnerability assessment.
James Biles
Development policy in Latin America, Livelihoods, Economic Geography.
Jeffrey Bird
soil science; terrestrial biogeochemistry; soil microbiology; plant-microbial interactions; pyrogenic organic matter; soil organic matter stabilization; ecosystem ecology; organic matter-mineral interactions; stable isotopes; carbon cycling; climate change; N cycling; carbon sequestration
Benjamin Black
William Blanford
Organic and Microbial Pollutants in Groundwater; Pollutant Remediation Technology
Christopher Blaszczak-Boxe
Numerical-modeling of planetary atmospheres; indoor/outdoor health
Karin A. Block
Mineralogy, low-temperature geochemistry; geobiology, high-temperature geochemistry; petrology
Rebecca Boger
GIS, Water resources, science education.
James F. Booth
weather and climate change; climatology and dynamics of extratropical cyclones; impacts and extremes associated with extratropical cyclones; storm surge; flooding; wind
Sonia Borges
Brett F. Branco
Marine science, limnology, water quality, urban sustainability, social-ecological system resilience
Frank S. Buonaiuto
Coastal processes, Sediment transport.
Jean Carmalt
Law and society; international human rights law; economic and social rights; ethics of care; political ecology; legal geography; normative geography; natural hazards and disaster risk reduction
Anthony Carpi
Heavy metal transport, mercury chemistry, science education
John A. Chamberlain
Paleobiology, Functional morphology, Biostratigraphy.
Zhongqi (Joshua) Cheng
urban soil contamination; brownfield remediation; exposure assessment and health risk mitigation; green infrastructure; water quality; beneficial use of urban organic waste and wallboard
Jennifer Cherrier
Harold C. Connolly Jr.
My specialty is the study of meteorites and the dynamics of asteroids through sample analysis, experimental petrology, and modeling. I am Mission Sample Scientist for NASA's asteroid sample return robotic mission OSIRIS-REx and a member of the JAXA asteroid sample return mission, Hayabusa 2.
Constantin Cranganu
Petroleum geology, geostatistics, artificial intelligence,abnormal fluid pressures (overpressures), petrophysics, well logging, hydraulic fracturing,
Eric Delson
Paleoanthropology, Primate paleontology and primatology, Miocene, Evolutionary biology.
Ratan Dhar
Timothy T. Eaton
Hydrology, Geochemistry.
Denton S. Ebel
Mineralogy, Petrology, Thermodynamics, Planetary Sci, Meteorite Studeis, History of the Solar System, Sulfide Chemistry, Ore Deposit Geology, Experimental Petrology.
Kennet Flores
John J. Flynn
Vertebrate paleontology, Fossil mammals.
Joshua Fogel
Urban public health; mental health; epidemiology; biostatistics; race/ethnicity; culture; business.
Allan Frei
Climatology and global climate change.
William J. Fritz
Volcanic influences on sedimentation and tectonics; stratigraphy and sedimementology.
Stanley Gedzelman
Meteorology and climatology.
Vinay Gidwani
Post-socialism and justice; labor geographies; Marxism: identity politics and subaltern social movements; geographies of work; agroecological transformations; social theory; India.
Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Structural Adjustment & New Alignments: Revolution and Reform; Race, Space, and Place: Environments and Movements; Infrastructure; Prison; The Movement of Capital and Labor: Urban-Rural Continuities; The African Diaspora.
Hongmian Gong
Urban geography; transportation; GIS; economic geography; China
Yuri Gorokhovich
Geology, geographic information systems, hydrology, geomorphology, natural hazards
Kenneth A. Gould
Environmental sociology; environmental justice; sustainable development; social movements
Jean Grassman
Environmental health and occupational health, measurement of human exposure through biological monitoring, detection of the effects of dioxins and persistent foodborne contaminants.
Peter Groffman
Juliane Gross
George E. Harlow
Mineralogy, Crystallography, Meteorites.
Roger A. Hart
Environmental policy, planning and design and the rights and well being of children and youth; participatory research and development.
David Harvey
Social theory, Urban political economy and urbanization.
N. Gary Hemming
Health and environmental studies, Global climate, Ocean chemistry.
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