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Daniel Shtob
Position: Assistant Professor
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. University of Oregon; JD Vanderbuilt University Law School
Research Interests: Environmental change with a focus on climate change, disaster & environmental justice. Special interest in how structural & institutional elements of law/finance interact with environmental conditions to produce injustice.
Recent Publications:

Daniel Shtob and Larissa Petrucci (forthcoming). “Gendered Care Work and Environmental Injustice: A Feminist Analysis of Educator’s Emotional Labor in Disaster Recovery.” Environmental Justice.

Patrick Greiner, Daniel Shtob, and Jordan Besek (2020). “Is Urbanization Good for the Climate? A Cross-County Analysis of Impervious Surface, Affluence, and The Carbon Intensity of Well-Being.” Socius, 6: 1-16.

Daniel Shtob (2019). “Remembering the Future: Natural Disaster, Place, and Symbolic Survival.” Rural Sociology, 84(1):123-147.

Jordan Besek and Daniel Shtob (2019). “Breaking the Divide: Setting Environmental Precedent in the Chicago River.” Law & Policy, 41(4):387-410.