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David Lindo-Atichati
Position: Assistant Professor
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., University of Las Palmas
Research Interests: Physical oceanography; interface between ocean physics and marine biology; interface between ocean physics and marine chemistry
My work in conjunction  with an international network of collaborators, grapples with questions at the frontier of physics, biology, and chemistry in the oceanic systems. I approach these questions from a multidimensional perspective that includes theory, observation, and modeling. By weaving these threee appraoches,togther, my research program is specifically designed to undersatnd the interactions between ocean dynamics, marine ecosystems, and marine poluution. I rigorously test predicitons of the  models I use with observations collected in the ocean. This reseach involves marine instrumentation, advanced computational methods, and visualisation tools to adddres fundamental questions at the interface of Oceanography and Environmentaal Sciences.

I curerrently hold a Guest investigtor appointment at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Priorr to becoming a faculty member at CUNY, I was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Miami, and worked at the National Oceanographic nad Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

To learn more about my research, teaching and publications. please visit Lindo Lab at