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Jean Carmalt
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., University of Washington, 2010
Research Interests: Law and society; international human rights law; economic and social rights; ethics of care; political ecology; legal geography; normative geography; natural hazards and disaster risk reduction
Dr. Carmalt's research and teaching focus on international law and society, with a particular interest in the right to health, UN human rights processes, and environmental disasters. Her work can be found in journals such as Human Rights Quarterly, Progress in Human Geography, and Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, as well as in edited volumes by Cambridge University Press, Routledge, and Oxford University Press.

Recent Publications: 
Carmalt, JC (2019). Critical geographies of human rights and the spatial dimensions of international law violations in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 109(6), 1829-1844.

Carmalt, JC (2017). For critical geographies of human rights. Progress in Human Geography, 42(6),847-861.

Carmalt, JC (2014). Prioritizing Health: A Human Rights Analysis of Disaster, Vulnerability, and Urbanization in New Orleans and Port au Prince. Health and Human Rights 16(1), 1-15.

Carmalt, JC (2014). International law as process: Human rights in context: International law and spatial injustice in New Orleans, Louisiana. Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 63, 147-181.

Carmalt, JC (2011). Human Rights, Care Ethics, and Situated Universal Norms. Antipode 43(2), 296–325.

Affiliations: Center for International Human Rights (CIHR)