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Stefan Becker
Position: Assistant Professor
Campus Affiliation: Lehman College
Research Interests: Current research is focused on Neural Network Based Analysis and Forecast of Hurricane Tracks in the Western Atlantic

As a Physical Geographer, I have always been fascinated by our natural environment and the changes that humans have caused in it. I have been particularly interested in atmospheric processes and environmental change in various regions of our world. Pursuing these interests has allowed me to get to know fascinating cultures and environments. I have studied changes in rainfall patterns in Tibet and in the Yangzte River basin in China and their impact on flood events. I am collaborating with national and international colleagues on developing future scenarios and improving the forecast of severe flood events in the region. My research interests have also led to me to other regions: I have studied the distribution of air pollution from coal-fired power stations and their impact on humans in South Africa, heat-stress in Israel, regional impacts of climate change in Wisconsin, and wind energy potential in Germany. In recent years, I have contributed to the understanding and modeling of hurricane track and intensity changes in the Atlantic. I will pursue these and other (including local) research goals at Lehman College and I am looking forward to working together with students, who are interested in these projects.