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Wayne Powell
Position: Professor and Deputy Executive Officer
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Phone: (718) 951-5000 ext.2883
Room Number: 4300GC
Office Hours: Thursday 11-5
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., Queen's University at Kingston
Research Interests: Geoarchaeology, archaeometallurgy, ore geology, and geoscience education.
Wayne Powell's scientific research interests involve field-based petrological and geochemical studies applied to broader geological problems. Currently, he is involved in three lines of research: 1) the geological controls on fractionation of Sn isotopes; 2) ore provenance of bronze artifacts using Sn and Cu isotopes ; and 3) effects of metamorphism on ore deposits. Prof. Powell is involved extensively in aspects of geoscience education design and reform. In particular he is interested in partnerships with museums, parks and community organizations to provide community-based learning opportunities for students of the earth sciences in urban environments, integration of Earth and environmental science, and empowering earth science teachers to use the City-as-Lab.

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (* denotes graduate students)

Mason, A.H.*, Powell, W.G., Bankoff, H.A., Mathur, R., Bulatovć, A., Filipović, V., and Ruiz, J., 2016, Tin isotope characterization of bronze artifacts of the central Balkans. Journal of Archaeological Science, v. 69, pp. 110-117.

Huska, A.*, W. Powell, H.A. Bankoff, A. Bulatović, V. Filipović, R. Boger and S. Mitrović. 2013. "Bronze Age Exploitation of Mt. Cer Placer Tin Ores in West Serbia." Geoarchaeology 29: 477-93.

Handle, K.C.* and W.G. Powell. 2012. "Morphologically Simple Enigmatic Fossils From the Wheeler Formation: A Comparison With Definitive Algal Fossils." Palaios. 27: 304-16.


Powell, W., Yao, J., Wilson, M., and Mathur, R., 2017, Sn-Isotopic Evidence of Vapor Transport of Tin in Shallow-Level Mineralization Systems within the Gejiu Polymetallic Ore Field. Society of Economic Geologists, Ore Deposits of Asia, Beijing, China.


Powell, W., Mathur, R., Bankoff, H.A., Bulatovic, A., and Filipovic, V., 2017, Determining Prehistoric Mining Practices in Southeastern Europe Using Copper Isotopes. European Geological Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.