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Gross, Juliane
Habib, Daniel
Palynology, Biostratigraphy, Sedimentology of organic matter.
Harlow, George E.
Mineralogy, Crystallography, Meteorites.
Hart, Roger A.
Environmental policy, planning and design and the rights and well being of children and youth; participatory research and development.
Harvey, David
Social theory, Urban political economy and urbanization.
Hemming, N. Gary
Health and environmental studies, Global climate, Ocean chemistry.
Hendrey, George R.
Climate change impacts on ecosystems
Ibrahim, Mohamed Bibibker
Drought management and North African ecosystems
Jans, Urs
Fate of contaminants, pesticides, flame retardants, chlorinated solvents,
Kabachnik, Peter
Personality cults; memory; monuments; Georgia; Stalin; place; mobilities; displacement; IDPs; post-Soviet space; caucasus; Europe; Roma/Gypsies/travelers; political geography; cultural geography
Katz, Cindi
Production and reproduction of space, place and nature, critical social theory, qualitative methodology and the politics of research, social reproduction and everyday life, children and the environment, political ecology.
Kenyon, Patricia
Near surface geophysics; subsurface fluid migration; tectonophysics; general geophysics; science education
Kessler, Carsten
Information integration; linked data and semantic web technology; geospatial semantics; volunteered geographic information; emergency management; context modeling; collaborative and participatory GIS
Khanbilvardi, Reza M.
Geohydrology, Water resources, Environmental planning.
Khandaker, Nazrul I.
Environmental Geology, Geotechnical including Tunnel Geology, Soil Characterization.
Kidder, Stevan
Klein, Yehuda L.
Environmental economics, input-output.
Koutavas, Athanasios
Paleoceanography; Paleoclimate; Paleoenvironment
Krakauer, Nir Y.
Climate and water resources.
Landman, Neil H.
Systematics, Ontogeny, and evolution of late cretaceous ammonoids and modern Nautilus; phylogeny of the ammonoidea.
Langer, Arthur M.
Environmental and health effects of minerals, Geochemistry.
Leung, Irene S.
Mineralogy, Petrology, Crystal chemistry, X-ray mineralogy.
Lewis, Tammy L.
Sustainable development, transnational social movements, green gentrification, urban sustainability, Latin America
Locke, David
Longpré, Marc-Antoine
Volcanology; igneous petrology
Low, Setha
Space and place theory and methodology Latin American ethnography and geography; politics of public space; urban geography
Ludman, Allan
Field geology, Metamorphic petrology, Tectonics.
Luo, Z. Johnny
Atmospheric Sciences; Satellite remote sensing of clouds and storms; cloud dynamics
Maantay, Juliana
Geospatial analysis; urban environment; environmental health justice; population geography; urban built environment; community participatory GISc; urban agriculture and food justice; natural hazards and risk analysis
Machado, Elia
Mahani, Shayesteh E.
Hydrological modeling, satellite and air-borne remote sensing.
Marcotullio, Peter J.
Urban transitions, urbanization, environmental change
Markowitz, Steven
Environmental health.
Maroko, Andrew
Marra, John
Biological oceanography; ocean productivity; phytoplankton; ocean optics; food from the sea; Jamaica Bay
Marsh, Jeffrey
Mathez, Edmond A.
Petrology, Mineralogy.
McDonald, Kyle C.
Remote sensing, terrestrial ecosystems, carbon and water cycles, earth system science.
McHugh, Cecilia M.
Marine geology, sedimentology, submarine paleoseismology, climate and sea-level change
Meng, Jin
Vertebrate paleontology.
Menser, Michael K.
Participatory democracy; environmental justice; urban sustainability; food sovereignty; socio-ecological resilience;
Mey, Jacob
Miyares, Ines A.
Population, Social geography.
Morabia, Alfredo
Epidemiology; History of epidemiology
Moshary, Fred
Remote sensing.
Nehru, Cherukupalli E.
Igneous and metamorphic petrology, Experimental petrology and mineralogy, Meteoritics, Mineral exploration, Environmental geology.
Ni-Meister, Wenge
Remote sensing, Biogeography.
Nolan, Robert P.
Interaction of minerals and biological membranes.
Norouzi, Hamidreza
Remote Sensing and GIS, hydrology, climate, earth system science, environmental studies
O'Mullan, Gregory D.
Environmental microbiology; estuarine ecology; water resource management; bioaerosols; water and air quality
Displaying results 51-100 (of 138)
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