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Oza, Rupal
Feminist geographical theory, globalization and gender, gender and nationalism, globalization and labor migration, religious nationalism. regional specialization: South Asia and United States.
Pant, Hari K.
Environmental science/physical geology.
Pavlovskaya, Marianna E.
Urban geography, social theory, post-socialism, feminist geography, GIS (geographic information systems), critical GIS.
Pekar, Stephan
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Climate Change.
Peters, Jonathan R.
Regional planning, road and mass transit financing, corporate and public sector performance metrics, capital costs and performance management.
Piasecki, Michael
Popper, Deborah E.
Rural studies, regional geography of the American West. the Buffalo Commons
Powell, Wayne
Geoarchaeology, archaeometallurgy, ore geology, and geoscience education.
Raia, Federica
Earth Science, Education, Geochemistry.
Ramasubramanian, Laxmi
Public participation, GIS, environment-behavior studies, South Asia
Rosa, Brian
Rosenberger, Alfred L.
Primate evolution and systematics.
Roytman, Leonid
Environmental remote sensing, systems theory and the stability of multidimensional systems.
Rutberg, Randye L.
Modern and paleo-climate changes, Modern carbon cycling, Isotope geochemistry.
Saegert, Susan
Salmun, Haydee
Environmental fluid mechanics, earth systems and climate dynamics, land surface-ocean-atmosphere interactions, mathematical modeling of geophysical flows, dynamics of the Southern Ocean
Schreibman, Martin Paul
Comparative Endocrinology, Aquatic Resources.
Seidemann, David E.
Geochemistry, Environmental Geology.
Seley, John E.
GIS, Urban Planning.
Shaw, Frederick C.
Systematic Paleontology, Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology.
Sloan, Heather
Marine geophysics.
Smith, Brianne
Solecki, William D.
Climate change, resilience and transformation, environmental transitions
Stewart, Gillian Meg
Oceanography; biogeochemistry; plankton ecology; carbon; climate change
Szekielda, Karl-Heinz
Remote sensing technologies and interpretation.
Tedesco, Marco
Remote sensing, cryosphere.
Tzortziou, Maria
Land-ocean-atmosphere interactions; coastal Biogeochemical cycles; Photochemistry; Remote sensing
Varsanyi, Monica W.
Immigration/immigrant law, politics, and policy at the local, state, and federal levels in the United States; law and society; urban and political geography, research design.
Vorosmarty, Charles
Modeling of water balance in river systems, impacts of large-scale water engineering.
Waldman, John R.
Marine environmental science.
Wallace, William G.
Pollutant impacts on marine invertebrates; Benthic Ecology
Wang, Zhengrong
Weisberg, Michael
Geochemistry of meteorites.
Winslow, Margaret Ann
Structural geology, Basin analysis, Neotectonics.
Yi, Chuixiang
Climate warming; extreme weather/climate; tree mortality; Carbon cycle; biosphere-atmosphere interaction; canopy fluid mechanics; boundary layer dynamics; nonlinear dynamics of abrupt climate change; eddy covariance techniques; theoretical modeling; numerical modeling; statistical modeling
Zhang, Pengfei
Environmental Geochemistry; Contaminant Hydrology; Environmental Remediation
Zheng, Yan
Marine geochemistry.
Zukin, Sharon
Urban change; gentrification; consumer culture
Displaying results 101-138 (of 138)
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