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Alumnus Scott Larson's book examines city planning

Scott Larson, a 2010 alumnus of the Earth and Environmental Sciences doctoral program, is an independent scholar who has taught geography and urban studies at Vassar College, Queens College, and Hunter College. His book, titled Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind: Contemporary Planning in New York City, is set for publication in May 2013 by Temple University Press. Larson uses the rivalry between urbanist and writer Jane Jacobs and master builder Robert Moses as a means to examine the New York City administration's redevelopment strategies. In a lively critique, he shows how the legacies of these two planners have been interpreted—and reinterpreted—over time and with the evolution of urban space. Ultimately, he makes the case that neither offers a meaningful model for addressing stubborn problems that continue to vex today's cities—poverty, lack of affordable housing, and segregation along class and racial lines. 

Submitted on: DEC 12, 2012

Category: Alumni News | Earth and Environmental Sciences