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Allison Guess
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Specialization: Geography
Research Interests: Land; migration; Black geographies; place; Black pessimism-optimism; Black futurity; anti-blackness; racial capitalism; collective Black liberation.
Dissertation Topic: Black land, Black relationships to land and place as it relates to (voluntary reverse) migration
Advisor: Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Allison is origionally from Pittsburgh, PA. She earned a double major in Political Science and Hispanic Languages and Literature. Additionally, Allison is a consultant for an organization called The Black/Land Project in which she supports the "transcending historical trauma program" by contributing to practical applications of self-determination as it relates to community-based research and theoretical outputs. At the Graduate Center at CUNY, Allison is working under the direction of Dr. Ruth Wilson Gilmore. Allison is looking at Black peoples' relationships to land and place in connection to voluntary reverse migration and the capitalist structure.