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Samuel Stein
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Specialization: Geography
Research Interests: Urban geography, urban planning, housing, gentrification, labor.
Dissertation Topic: Labor, Land Use and the Luxury City (a study of the positionality of New York City unions and non-profits in relation to planning politics and real estate)
Advisor: Cindi Katz

Samuel Stein is a PhD candidate in geography at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and an urban studies instructor at Hunter College. He is the author of Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State (Verso 2019), a book that investigates what he calls “the rise of the real estate state,” or the increasingly powerful faction of government that seeks to bend public policy toward ever-rising property values. His academic writing on planning and gentrification has appeared in The Journal of Urban Affairs, International Planning Studies, Metropolitics, and New Labor Forum (forthcoming), and has been featured in various edited volumes, including Zoned Out!, Asian American Matters, Immigrant Crossroads, and the forthcoming Political Landscapes in the Age of Donald Trump. His popular writing on New York City planning politics has been published in such venues as the the Guardian, Jacobin, The Village Voice (RIP), City Limits, Gotham Gazette, New Politics, Progressive City, Progressive Planning, Urban Omnibus, and more. In addition to studying, teaching and writing about urban geography, he worked as a researcher, organizer, and planner on numerous New York City union campaigns, tenant mobilizations, and public policy initiatives. He is a participant in various tenant and community groups fighting gentrification and displacement in New York City, and beyond.
Dissertation: “Labor, Land Use, and the Luxury City”