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Seminar in Applied Economics

AUG 31, 2021 | 12:00 PM

Pete Klenow





August 31, 2021: 12:00 PM




PhD in Economics


The Fall 2021 Seminar in Applied Economics will feature Pete Klenow from Stanford University. Klenow will be presenting on “Race and Economic Well-Being in United States”

Abstract: We construct a measure of consumption-equivalent welfare for Black and White Americans. Our statistic incorporates life expectancy, consumption, leisure, and inequality, with mortality rates playing a key role quantitatively. According to our estimates, welfare for Black Americans was 45% of that for White Americans in 1984 and rose to 64% by 2019. Going back further in time (albeit with more limited data), the gap was even larger, with Black welfare equal to just 28% of White welfare in 1940. On the one hand, there has been remarkable progress for Black Americans: the level of their consumption equivalent welfare increased by a factor of 30 between 1940 and 2019, when aggregate consumption per person rose a more modest 5-fold. On the other hand, despite this remarkable progress, the welfare gap in 2019 remains disconcertingly large. Mortality from COVID-19 has temporarily reversed a decade of progress, lowering Black welfare by 17% while reducing White welfare by 10%.​

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