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Doctoral Faculty

Terence D. Agbeyegbe
Financial Instruments, Econometrics
Linda Allen
Banking, Credit, Risk, Financial Institutions
Yuri Arenberg
Industrial Organization
Matthew Baker
Law and Economics, Industrial Organization
Deborah Balk
Urban Economics, Spatial Economics
Karna Basu
Behavioral Economics and Development
Clive Belfield
Economics of Education, Labor Economics
Robert Cherry
Labor Economics
Peter C.Y. Chow
International Trade, Economic Development
Jonathan Conning
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory, International Trade
Miles Corak
Social Mobility, Inequality, Child Rights
Sean Crockett
Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, General Equilibrium Theory
Prabal De
Health and Development Economics
Partha Deb
Health Economics, Econometrics
Gayle DeLong
International Finance, Financial Institutions
John Devereux
International Economics, Growth and Development, Economic History
Nadia Doytch
International Finance and Trade, Economic Development, Environmental Economics and Sustainability
Marianne C. Fahs
Health Economics, Public Economics
Zadia Feliciano
Labor Economics, International Economics, Economic History
Elizabeth Field-Hendry
Randall K. Filer
Labor Economics, Transition Economics
Oscar Fisch
Economic Development, Urban Economics
David J. Gabel
Public Finance, Economics of Networks
Lisa George
Industrial Organization, Political Economy
Christos Giannikos
Financial Economics, International Finance
Devra L. Golbe
Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization
Timothy J. Goodspeed
Public Finance
Peter M. Gutmann
Macroeconomics, Public Policy
Guillaume Haeringer
Market Design, Matching, Social Choice
Frank Heiland
Labor, Health, and Demographic Economics
Armen Hovakimian
Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions
Larry E. Huckins
Financial Economics
David A. Jaeger
Labor Economics, Econometrics
Theodore J. Joyce
Economics of Health and Health Care Policy, Econometrics
Mitchell H. Kellman
Inas Rashad Kelly
Health Economics, Labor Economics
Yehuda Klein
Urban Economics, Environmental Economics
Norman Kleinberg
Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Economics
Sanders Korenman
Public Policy, Public Finance, Health Economics
Paul Krugman
Macroeconomics, International Economics, Economics of the Welfare State
Steven Lustgarten
Financial Accounting
Barry Kai-Fai Ma
Microeconomics, Econometrics
Lilia Maliar
Macroeconomics, Computational Economics
Sebastiano Manzan
Econometrics, Time Series, Forecasting
Kenneth J. McLaughlin
Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Matthew Nagler
Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics, Social Economics
Joan Nix
Investor Education and Behavioral Finance
Ingmar Nyman
Industrial Organization, Corporate Finance
June E. O'Neill
Labor Economics, Public Finance
Francesc Ortega
International Trade, Migration, Immigration.
Francisco Penaranda
Asset Pricing, Protfolio Management
Lin Peng
Financial Economics, Financial Institutions
Jonathan Peters
Regional Planning, Road and Mass Transit Financing, Corporate and Public Sector Performance Metrics, Capital Costs and Performance Management
Sangeeta Pratap
Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Dahlia Remler
Public Health, Health Economics
Carl Riskin
Environmental Economics, Economic Development
Nuria Rodrigues-Planas
Labor Economics
Jennifer Roff
Labor Economics, Economic Demography, Applied Microeconomics
Robert Schwartz
Financial Economics, Security Market Microstructure
Yochanan Shachmurove
Applied Econometrics, International Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance
Chanoch Shreiber
Transportation Economics, Economics of Taxation
Thom B. Thurston
Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Merih Uctum
International Macroeconomics, International Finance, Financial Development
George Vachadze
International Economics, Economics Development and Growth
Chu-Ping Vijverberg
Empirical Macro Economics; Income Inequality; Non-stationary Time Series Techniques; Production Function and Productivity Analysis
Wim P.M. Vijverberg
Labor Economics; Econometrics; Development Economics; Small Enterprises; Small-scale Enterprises and the Investment Climate; Self-employment vs. Wage Employment; Earnings Risk; Panel Econometrics in the Context of Labor Economics Data; Education and Labor Market Entry; Spatial Econometrics
Alexandru Voicu
Labor Economics
Chun Wang
Time Series Econometrics, Applied Macroeconometrics
Tao Wang
Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, International Finance and Macroeconomics
Simone Wegge
Economic History
Mark White
Law and Economics
Liuren Wu
Finance, Option Pricing, Credit Risk, Term Structure Market Microstructure; International Finance; Asset Pricing

Emeritus Professors

Michael Edelstein
Economic History
Linda Edwards
Human Resource Economics and Labor Economic, Home-based workers-- their earnings, labor force participation, and work intensity; Self-employed workers who work at home; Higher education decisions of Japanese women
Harvey N. Gram
International Economics, Capital Theory, History of Economic Thought
Michael Grossman
Health Economics
Harold M. Hochman
Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Hugo Kaufmann
International Economics, European Union
Charlotte F. Muller
Women's Health, Health Care, Aging
Cordelia W. Reimers
Labor Economics

Adjunct Professors

Henry Saffer

Visiting Scholar 

Dr. Ferhat Arslaner
Chief Economist at Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange)