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A) Faculty.

In order to vote in faculty elections or to serve on departmental committees, a person must be a member of the doctoral faculty as defined in Section 6.1 of The Graduate Center’s Governance document.

B) Students
  1. Any matriculated Economics student registered at The Graduate Center may vote.

  2. One of the elected student representatives on the Executive Committee will be a first-year student. A first-year student is defined as any student (either full or part time in his or her first or second semester of matriculation in the program).

  3. The student elections for representatives who are to serve on program committees will be held the first week in December of each year.

  4. Student representatives will serve for a term of one calendar year. They can be reelected not more than once as representatives on the same committee. If an elected student representative is unable to serve a full term, the first runner-up shall serve as a replacement.


A) Composition

The Executive Committee shall consist of eight (8) faculty members and three (3) students. If the Executive Officer is from a participating college (including The Graduate Center), his or her place on the Executive Committee is the guaranteed place for his or her college. In addition, The Graduate Center must have at least one representative.

All participating colleges in add, The Graduate Center with three members on the doctoral faculty, at least one of whom has taught a course or supervised a dissertation in Ph.D. Program in Economics within the past three years, must have at least one representative on the Executive Committee.

B) Nomination and Election of faculty members to Executive Committee

At the last meeting of the doctoral faculty in the third year of the Executive Committee's term, the doctoral faculty shall nominate candidates for the next term. Also, any (five) 5 faculty members can nominate other candidates. Other election procedures are specified in
Section 3.5 of The Graduate Center’s Governance document.

A) The standing committees

as mandated by Graduate Council Bylaws are Curriculum and Examination, Admissions and Awards, and Faculty Membership and Research. Membership on these committees is delineated as follows for the Economics program:


  1. Curriculum and Examination: Three (3) faculty members, three (3) students.

  2. Admissions and Awards: Three (3) faculty members, three (3) students.

  3. Faculty Membership and Research: Three (3) faculty members including the Executive Officer, two (2) students.

  4. Elections: Three (3) faculty members, three (3) students.

  5. Elections to these committees are conducted during April by the three student members of the Executive Committee who have served since the election.

B) General Procedure


  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint all faculty members of program committees. A faculty member may decline appointment to any committee.

  2. All student members are to be elected by the full student body of the program.

  3. Each committee will elect its own chair. Committee meetings may be called by the chair or by a majority of the committee.

  4. All committees must make public the minutes of their meeting, exclusive of those items pertaining to “personal privilege.”

  5. Students must be formally heard on all questions concerning appointment
    and tenure of faculty members, as specified in Section 3.2 of The Graduate Center Governance document.

C) Faculty Membership and Research Committee.

If any one member of this committee recommends that a member be elected to the doctoral faculty, a vote shall be taken and the results reported to the Executive Committee. This procedure refers only to questions of recommending members to the doctoral faculty.

Economics Program Bylaws