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Path(s) to Degree

60 credits requirement for a full-time student without previous graduate work in economics**
Year 1 (24 credits)
Math camp in September
Labs in math, statistics and programming throughout the year
6 Core Courses: Micro, Macro, Econometrics (24 credits)
Non-credit teaching course(s) offered by the GC
June: Level I Preliminary exams in 2 out of 3 core courses.
Year 2 (up to 23 credits)
Advanced level field courses: 2 courses per field (12 credits)
Seminar in Applied Economics (3 credits)
Applied Macroeconometrics or Microeconometrics (4 credits)
Research Methods and Writing in Economics (4 credits)
August: Preliminary field exam in one field
Year 3 (13 credits)
An elective course (3 credits)
Additional elective courses: (10 credits)
Individual Research units, additional work in two advanced fields, additional
course in Applied Econometrics or Seminar in Applied Economics,
courses from the consortium
Research Methods and Writing in Economics if not taken previously;
Form the dissertation committee;
Year 4
Dissertation proposal defense within 12 months of moving to level 3
Seminar courses (Applied economics and student seminar);
Year 5
Work on dissertation
Preparation for the job market
Year 6
Completion, defense and deposit of dissertation; submission of academic papers for publication
Job market seminars and job search
**Students who come with previous graduate work can complete the program in 5 years.

For further details see sample schedule here