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Fall 2018 Seminar in Applied Economics


                             Organized by Professor David A. Jaeger
                                         Twitter @DavidAJaeger
                           Tuesdays, 12:00pm - 1:30pm, Room 5383

Date Day Speaker Affiliation Title
28-Aug-18 TUES Professor David Jaeger CUNY Graduate Center and NBER "Shift-Share Instruments and Dynamic Adjustments:  The Case of Immigration"
04-Sep-18 TUES Professor Theodore Joyce and Daniel Dench Baruch College, CUNY Graduate Center, and NBER "Income, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Infant Health: A Comment"
11-Sep-18 TUES      
18-Sep-18 TUES      
25-Sep-18 TUES Professor Max Kasy Harvard University "Which Papers Do Get Published? Which Papers Should Get Published?"
02-Oct-18 TUES Professor Shqiponja Telhaj University of Sussex "Atheism and Economic Prosperity: The Long-Run Impact of a National Ban on Religions"
09-Oct-18 TUES Professor Jessica van Parys Hunter College, CUNY  
16-Oct-18 TUES Professor Joshua Angrist MIT and NBER  
23-Oct-18 TUES Professor Johannes Haushofer Princeton University and NBER  
30-Oct-18 TUES Professor Michael Dinerstein University of Chicago and NBER  
06-Nov-18 TUES Professor Kiki Pop-Eleches Columbia University and NBER  
13-Nov-18 TUES Professor Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham Yale School of Management  
20-Nov-18 TUES Professor Phil Orreopolous University of Toronto and NBER  
27-Nov-18 TUES Agustin Indaco CUNY Graduate Center PhD student "From Twitter to GDP: Estimating Economic Activity from Social Media"
04-Dec-18 TUES Professor Leah Platt Boustan Princeton University and NBER  
11-Dec-18 TUES Professor George Borjas Harvard University and NBER