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Fall 2020 Seminar in Applied Economics


                    Organized by Professor Yochanan Shachmurove
                      Tuesdays,  11:45am-1:45pm

To Participants:

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others who participate in any of the following seminars with their camera on or use a profile image are agreeing to have their video or image recorded solely for the purpose of creating a record for participants in this seminar to refer to, including those enrolled students who are unable to attend live.  If you are unwilling to consent to have your profile or video image recorded, be sure to keep your camera off and do not use a profile image. Likewise, participants who un-mute during the seminar or class and participate orally are agreeing to have their voices recorded.  If you are not willing to consent to have your voice recorded, you will need to keep your mute button activated and communicate exclusively using the "chat" feature, which allows participants to type questions and comments live.
Release forms can be found here. They can be submitted here.


Date Day Speaker Affiliation Paper Title Follow Up
1-Sep-20 TUES Benjamin Liebman Saint Joseph's University "Chinese steel futures response to tariffs"  

TUES Nobel Laureate Yisrael (Robert J.) Aumann Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel "A synthesis of behavioural and mainstream economics" PPT
15-Sep-20 TUES Nobel Laureate Michael Kremer Harvard University "Water Treatment and Child Survival: A Meta-Analysis"  
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TUES Julapa Jagtiani Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia "Fintech Lending and the Roles of Alternative Data" PPT
Zoom Link
TUES Nobel Laureate Oliver Hart Harvard University "Exit vs Voice"  
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TUES Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin Harvard University "Arrow’s Theorem, May’s Axioms, and Borda’s Rule"  
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TUES Nobel Laureate Robert J. Shiller Yale University "Narrative Economics and the Trump/Covid-19 Stock Market Boom"  
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TUES Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond MIT "Good Pension Design"  
27-Oct-20 TUES Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

the Gradute Center, CUNY

“Will the Dollar be Dethroned?”  
3-Nov-20 TUES Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith Chapman University Orange, California. "Market Price Formation: Classical Market Theory and Experiments"  
10-Nov-20 TUES TBD TBD TBD  
17-Nov-20 TUES Nobel Laureate Lars Peter Hansen University of Chicago "How should Climate Change Uncertainty Impact Social Valuation and Policy?"  
24-Nov-20 TUES Milos Vulanovic EDHEC Business School, Lille, France "Deindustrialization and Real Effective Exchange Rates in Eastern Europe"  
1-Dec-20 TUES Richmond Kyei Fordjour  the Graduate Center, CUNY "Over the Counter Market Microstructure"  
8-Dec-20 TUES Nobel Laureate Kydland and co-authors University of California "Exploring the Role of Limited Commitment Constraints in Argentina's 'Missing Capital' "