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Spring 2020 Seminar in Applied Economics


                    Organized by Professor Miles Corak
                      Tuesdays, 12:00pm - 1:30pm, Room 5382


The Applied Economics Seminars are cancelled from Mar-10-2020 to the end of this Spring Semester.


Date Day Speaker   Affiliation   Paper Title   Interview
28-Jan-20 TUES Leah Boustan   Princeton University   "Economic and cultural effects of living in an ethnic enclave: Early 20th century evidence from the Industrial Removal Office"   Interview
03-Feb-20 MON John Roemer   Yale University   "What is socialism today? Conceptions of a cooperative economy"   Interview
11-Feb-20 TUES Wojciech Kopczuk   Columbia University   "Accounting for Business Income in Measuring Top Income Shares:
Integrated Accrual Approach Using Individual and Firm Data
from Norway"
18-Feb-20 TUES Stephen Jenkins   London School of Economics   "Better off? Distributional comparisons for ordinal data about personal well-being"   Interview
25-Feb-20 TUES Chris Naubert and
Lilia Maliar
  The Graduate Center, CUNY   "Monetary Policy and Redistribution Guided by TANK: the Magic of Output Stabilization and Capital Adjustment Costs"    
03-Mar-20 TUES Ellora Derenoncourt   University of California, Berkeley   "Can you move to opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration"   Interview
Seminar Cancelled TUES Owen Zidar   Princeton University   "Top Wealth in America: New Estimates and Implications for Taxing the Rich"    
Seminar Cancelled TUES Maria Rosales-Rueda   Rutgers University   "Social Interventions, Health and Wellbeing: The long-term and Intergenerational Effects of a School Construction Program"    
Seminar Cancelled TUES Michèle Lamont   Harvard University  

"American growing inequality and the production of narratives of hope"

Seminar Cancelled TUES Sandra Black   Columbia University   To be determined    
Seminar Cancelled TUES Yonatan Berman   London Mathematical Laboratory   "The Long Run Evolution of Absolute Intergenerational Mobility"    
Seminar Cancelled WED Barbara Biasi   Yale University   "Higher Salaries or Higher Pensions?
Inferring Preferences from Teachers’ Retirement Behavior"
Seminar Cancelled TUES Nishant Yonzan   The Graduate Center, CUNY   "State Capacity and Conflict: Evidence from Nepal's decade long Civil War"    
Seminar Cancelled TUES David Jaeger   St. Andrew’s University / The Graduate Center, CUNY   "The Demand for Interns"